Monday, January 28, 2013

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Why “Mystical Paths”?

by Reb Akiva @ the Mystical Paths blog


Reb Akiva, why “Mystical Paths?”  “Mystical” is not something you hear much in Jewish circles.


I thought the answer to this question was this:

“When I started the Mystical Paths blog 9 years ago, the U.S. pop music star Madonna was the major representative of kabbalah (the mystical secrets of the Torah, Judaism and G-d) to the world.  I couldn’t sit silently and watch the holiest of the holy, the deepest of the deep, be represented and primarily misrepresented by a pop singer who, in her stage persona, is the opposite of everything Torah and kabbalah would have us achieve. 

(One type of opposite.  There are various negative paths, or powers of klipah.  The negative path of U.S. culture is not violence or inhumanity.)

Since I was trying to present some truthful and handle-able approached mystical secrets and draw attention of those being attracted by people turning kabbalah practices into an American street cult, I chose a term sufficiently new-agey to do so.”

But my daughter recently was wondering what a particular book was and pulled out a copy of Sefer Yetzirah.  It starts like this:

With 32 mystical paths of wisdom … He created His universe …

That was not in my conscious thoughts when I named this blog, but I’ll take it.  And it shows that Mystical Paths are a part of Judaism.  And with the powerful draw of today’s society, maybe needed more and more.


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