Monday, January 21, 2013

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What a Great Feeling!

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths


     I was on my way to the Kotel yesterday afternoon when I saw a middle-aged couple huddled over the ATM machine in front of the bank. They were really upset. I recalled seeing someone hit the machine earlier in the day, frustrated that it didn’t work.

     I walked over to them and said, “It’s broken.”

     “It swallowed my card!” he cried out, without even looking up. Their heads were almost bumping as he kept hitting the button.

     “The bank opens tomorrow afternoon,” I said. “You’ll be able to get it back then.”

     “We’re leaving in the morning,” he said, as he frantically pressed the button again and again.

     They were religious, American tourists. Obviously, they needed their credit card to be able to pay their bills, and to get to the airport.

     “What a mess!” he hit the button again.

     I know nothing about those machines. In fact, I have never used one in my life, (I don’t get along too well with machines, and instructions) but I told him to do what I would do. “Hit all the buttons hard!”

     He started punching all of the buttons with his finger, one at a time, and hard! There must be a dozen or more of them. By the time he hit the 4th or 5th button his card popped out of the slot.

     “Ooooh!” You could hear their great relief as they breathed out. He thanked me and I continued on to the Kotel feeling really happy.

     “Ha! Not only did I relieve two Jews’ difficult situation, but I did a specific Torah mitzvah, too.”

     Even if it were not a Torah commandment I would have felt good for helping them. They seemed like really nice people. And to feel stress turn into relief is always a great feeling. But remembering that we are specifically commanded to return a lost object made it even nicer.

    The truth is, whatever mitzvah we do should bring us that great feeling of doing something that helps.

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  1. Great feeling indeed :), hey wish I was the one who did it. It is so cool to post this story


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