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The Interesting Sights of Hadassah

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths Jewish Blog and Pizza Delivery Service

I had the unfortunate need to take my daughter to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem this afternoon.  She suffered a fracture during school today.

Hadassah hospital is a world class medical facility and recently completed a major facility upgrade.  The new building is very impressive, as are the medical facilities, equipment, and staff.

That said, I spotted a number of particularly unusual sights worth sharing at the hospital…

2013-01-06 Raizel Hospital Hadassah 043

** This sign indicates this area is hardened infrastructure in case of MISSILE ATTACKS.  Sub-sections of the buildings are effectively in-building bunkers.

Bet your hospital doesn’t have this!

2013-01-06 Raizel Hospital Hadassah 054

** Biological Terrorism – Doctors Guide…

Signs of Smallpox…
Signs of Botulism Toxin Attack…
Signs of Anthrax Attack…
Signs of Pneumonic Plague…

What hospital system in the world feels it necessary to train and inform about the signs for biological warfare?

2013-01-06 Raizel Hospital Hadassah 056

Hadassah is one of those places where all aspects of Israeli society come together.  Arab Israeli patients (and/or Arab residents of Jerusalem), Jewish patients, religious, secular, Arab and Jewish staff, etc.

Illness and accidents know no border or limits, and in Israel neither does top quality medical care.

Apartheid?  Give me a break.  ANY statements in that area are ALL lies and propaganda.

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  1. I remember being a "visiting medical student" in hadassah back around 1976 or so, where I stayed for two months. I was then a clean-shaven (smooth as a baby's butt) unreligious youth. I stayed in a dormitory where everyone else was Arabic. I remember how they once hung up the telephone on my kibbutz aunt who called me, screaming into the phone at her, "This is not a country to speak Hebrew, speak Arabic!" I happened to be down the hall from this incident and walked over to determine what happened, because I was expecting that call. The guy looked at me with extreme hate and smacked his fist on his chest screaming at me, "I am an Arab - this is an Arab country." I don't remember the rest of the argument. While we argued some 20 of them surrounded us. Had I showed I was afraid, they's probably have used their dog instincts and attacked me - but I was not afraid at all.

    Mind you, this dormitory housed the Arabs at no cost to them! They had all the amenities, including free education - in medical school! Already then the hatred was palpable as it is today, as it will be tomorrow - just look at how they train their children in school by their "educators" - who teach them evolution of Jews from primates and hogs.

    Having said that, I don't see the need to become apologetic to people who consider the Jewish state an apartheid, because those haters too can never to changed with factual matter that doesn't concern them.


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