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Save the Starving Palestinians (Not)

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

A commentor wrote, “If (you) really wanted to do something spiritually uplifting, how about sending food aid to the Palestinian concentration camps/ghettos that Israel's apartheid government created? Baby formula is a nice gift for those Palestinian mothers too lacking in calories to produce their own milk…

Wouldn't that be nice? I bet the Kotel would love it.”


So much ignorance in such a short note.  Lets see if we can share a few FACTS…

Palestinian Authority Budget :

$52.5 million per month received in Arab donations.
$100 million per month received from Israel in “tax rebates”.
$166 million per month received in US and EU donations.

That’s $3.8 BILLION dollars a year. Population, their inflated figures = 2.1 million people.

If we do a little math, we find the Palestinian government is spending $1,820 per citizen per year.

Comparisons, GDP per capita -

Egypt = $2,932
Syria = $2,803
Philippines = $2,345
Honduras = $2,162
Nigeria = $1,522
Pakistan = $1,199
Kenya = $833

Palestine = $2,112

So Palestinians are living better than the people of Kenya, Pakistan and Nigeria.  They live similar to Honduras and the Philippines, and only slightly less well than their “brothers” in Syria and Egypt.


Ok, how about life expectancy?  The “poor” Palestinians must be showing themselves by dying earlier, right?

Average Life Expectancy…

Saudi Arabia – 72.8 years
Jordan – 72.5 years
Brazil – 72.4 years
Morocco – 71.2 years
Honduras – 70.2 years

and the “poor starving” people of Palestine?

Palestine – 73.4 years !!!!

So the “poor starving” people of Palestine are outliving the OIL RICH kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the stable Arab nation of Jordan, the economically exploding nation of Brazil, and the long term stable kingdom of Morocco!!!!


Ok, last statistic – infant mortality.  Infant mortality is perhaps the KEY statistic to whether a country is poor or starving.

Infant Mortality – deaths per 1,000 live births, smaller is MUCH better…

Saudi Arabia – 20.02 infant deaths per 1,000 births
Lebanon – 25.49  infant deaths per 1,000 births
Philippines – 26.48  infant deaths per 1,000 births
Brazil – 28.28  infant deaths per 1,000 births
Honduras – 31.71  infant deaths per 1,000 births
Iran – 32.84  infant deaths per 1,000 births
Turkey – 33.64  infant deaths per 1,000 births
Kenya – 67.80  infant deaths per 1,000 births

So how are the “poor starving” children of Palestine doing?

Palestine – 22.19  infant deaths per 1,000 births

The Palestinians have a better infant survival rate than Kenya, Turkey, Iran, Honduras, Brazil, the Philippines and Lebanon.




Propaganda is rarely reality.  Next time take a moment and check.


  1. Did you see what is happening in E-1? Arab squatters
    Now, why didn't some Jewish "settlers" think of that?

  2. So when the anointed one comes, do you think people will miss complaining about how bad things are. After all, the news is nothing but death, money issues, hunger,violance, war, etc. What are people going to do if there is nothing to complain about, no news?

  3. Are people ready to accept what the anointed one actually stands for?

  4. Do you think Israel is ready once again to be told, they are not being the light unto the nations, and they are to set the example for the world to see?

  5. The last 3 Annon, Kol hakavod, you hit the nail on the head. And we wonder why the geulah is being delayed!

  6. So Annon, elaborate on what you really want to say.

  7. Just imagine if you are the anointed one, where do you start? Who will truly listen?

  8. ROFL, They will hate the person for speaking and will hate the person when he doesn't do what they want or if he points our derech is corrupted to the point where Moshe would not recognise it. To top it off if the person doesn't match the fabrication that all religions claim the person needs to be even though God Himself identifies the person, what are we to do? You are right!! I remember Akiva many years ago asking if we are expected to give up the tradition. Of course not if it does not contradict the Tanach. Well much does! So thankfully I just get to sit on the sideline and watch and have no role in this whole game. But it's sad that we ignore God, well, have done so for since, well even before the Exodus (bringing the Erev Rav for example). So if it's you Annon, you are in for a hard life. I remember many years agö from a TV program you all may remember this saying, "I pity the fool". So don't blame the enemies for our troubles, they are doing EXACTLY what they are designed to do. We are the problem, so Annon, the balls in your court now. Go for it!

  9. Akiva, excellent post by the way after getting side tracked. But why the lies and really whats the message to us?


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