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Report from the 3rd Sovereignty Conference

Guest Contribution by CDG, Yerushalayim @ Mystical Paths

Israel-physical-mapHere is my brief review of the 3rd Sovereignty Conference for Israel.

I cannot stand behind any more half-way initiatives put forth because of the fear of the nations and desire for positive world opinion that have largely eluded us, no matter what. How many times must the Jews of this nation witness these phenomena to determine never to put up with them again? Do we really need to suffer through the pleas of "give it one more try" with unkept promises that "they" will compensate us and never put us through it again, whatever "it" is?

Of the "salami" approaches (annexing or extending sovereignty one section at a time), which I generally do not support because I believe this is really doing things the hard way, I liked Mordechai Kedar's best because it advocates extending sovereignty over the toughest section - "area A" - first. Take out the the strongest opponent, and you have won against the crowd fighting you. Readers will have to hear his speech to catch that point, which I have summarized in my own words. Of course, Moshe Feiglin said it best, with irony: “Let us ensure that we have full sovereignty within the 1948 armistice lines” before attempting to extend sovereignty to the areas liberated in the 1967 Six Day War. (Arutz 7 here).

Essentially, if our government were to have enough faith in G-d and His will for our destiny to exert its will against the Arabs with the same force and determination that it has against the Jews here, we could take back the entire region practically instantly, be"H. The question I had going in was: With how much heart would all of us support such a bold move? The answer I took away is: If our leaders would dare do it, we would follow wholeheartedly. There were well over 1,000 people in the two rooms that had to be rented out at the last minute because registration ran far higher than would have fit the original location. Women for Israel's Tomorrow might have to hold the next Sovereignty Conference at Binyanei haUma or something larger next time - unless, of course, our goal has been met by then!

Regarding the elections — the decision I was putting off until after this conference — I have an especially hard question for the leading parties and the most optimistic politicians in them: How do you know your party (whether Likud or Avodah - Solidarity or Labor, in English) will always be the political home of the average Israeli? It isn't written in stone anywhere that some other political party - or some force outside our political system - cannot ever take their place.  If the Likud does not go back to its strong nationalist roots, from top to bottom (from Bibi Netanyahu to the least among them), and take some Judaism along, it may find itself outside the mainstream it has occupied for a very long time. All the more so does this go for the rest of the parties, too. Labor has already suffered serious losses due to its intransigence.

In the last seven years or so, the definition of "mainstream" has shifted markedly, and continues to shift, towards the survival and progress of the Jewish nation on its intended path to complete vindication and assumption of its proper place in the world, as well it should. After all, a proper body of people has to be here when Mashiach is announced and the new era begins - may it come imminently before our very eyes.

How long this takes seems to be largely up to us and how long it takes us to absorb and apply our past lessons, may HaShem help us.


  1. Need to respond because it was a delight to read such an upbeat truthful commentary. Yasher Koach. May all bnei Yisrael awaken now to its holy GD given mission to return Eretz Yisrael to Torah based values, thus hastening the Geulah!

  2. Isn't this the direction that Bennett seems to be moving toward? Even if some the members of his team don't think so right now, I think that is the direction of their Rabbanim.

    PS where did you get that map?? What is the significance of the 'green' areas? It's not what we're usually shown.

  3. It's topology - elevation and flatness. The key is in the bottom right. It also means effective farm land.


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