Wednesday, January 23, 2013

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Kotel Provocation ?!!!???

kotel-bibi-2(Ynetnews) The Palestinians called Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's decision to visit the Western Wall after casting his ballot in a Jerusalem school a "provocation."

"Netanyahu is trying to gain more Israeli votes on Election Day by provoking the Muslims and soiling the holy sites," a top Hamas figure said. The Islamist group also called for an uprising in the West Bank as a result of the "recurrent provocations."

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a Jew.  The Kotel – the Western Wall is a JEWISH holy site open to EVERY JEW in the world.  It also happens to be open to visit to ANYONE of ANY RELIGION.


bibi-kotelI am proud and pleased that the Prime Minister of Israel saw fit to visit the Western Wall on the day of the election.  Whether a ploy or not, the man wanted to say a prayer for success – for himself and for his state and for the Jewish people.  Good for him!

Interestingly, if any Muslim or Arab wishes to visit the Western Wall and say ANY PRAYERS THEY WISH, it is open for them to do so.

It was, is and remains a place of prayer for anyone wanting to connect to G-d.  It’s also the most holy Jewish site currently accessible to the Jewish people.

The Temple Mount, referred to by the muslims as Al Aqsa, is currently under the control of the Muslim Waqf and contains 3 mosques.  JEWS are NOT ALLOWED to visit except under strict control, in VERY limited numbers at VERY limited times, with police and muslim escort, and are prohibited from prayer of any sort under threat of arrest and imprisonment. 

Christian or other non-muslim access is limited to specific times, and the location is open only to pray if you are muslim.  Of course muslims are also open to cavort, picnic or play soccer on the site if they wish to do so and are frequently found to use this incredibly holy site as a park, picnic area or soccer field.

The Jews treat this site, both the Kotel and the Temple Mount, as the holiest spot in the WORLD – the closest physical place to G-d on the planet.  And yet, STILL make it a place where ANYONE can connect to G-d.

The Muslims?  Not so much.

Enough with the Hamas lies, Palestinian Authority lies, Palestinian lies, Arab lies, and Muslim lies. 

Open your eyes and see things for what they are.


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