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Israeli Election–Final Results, Torah Wins?


(KikarShabbat) Achievement for United Torah Judaism – Seven seats. The morning after, one of the biggest winners in the elections is United Torah Judaism, rising to seven seats in the next Knesset.

The Charedi Israeli news is alight with election results.  1 more seat – 1 more seat – 1 more seat.  They achieved an increase in parliamentary representation of… 1 more seat.

imageThey may end up OUT of the coalition, lose minister positions, and possibly have a semi-cultural war over the new coalition’s goals of required universal draft and national service with no or limited exceptions for Torah learning.  But they won… 1 more seat.  Yay!  Torah wins!  (???)

Full Results via Ynet… (commentary after the graphic)


Shaul HaMelech (biblical King Saul) lost his mandate at Migron, when he sat for 7 days and refused to attack the Plishtim.  His rule didn’t end immediately after, but it was that incident that removed his mandate to rule and saw other actors stepping in.

2012-08-28 021[8]

The modern Jewish village of Migron, on the historical biblical Migron hilltop, was destroyed by the (now previous) Israeli government due to weak documents challenging ownership of the land (15 years later).  Anywhere else such a challenge would be met with compensation if granted, but in Israel the Jews are thrown out.

And in the past Gaza war, the Israeli army sat for 7 days… and under orders from the Prime Minister – Defense Minister – Foreign Minister, did not (ground) attack.

What type of coalition government will be formed in Israel is currently unknown.  Yesh Atid (There is a Future) party was the big winner in the election becoming Israel’s second largest party, yet being another newly created party it has no history to look at or government members to evaluate.  It’s a complete newcomer to the political scene, along with ALL 19 members now elected to the Knesset (and sure to gain 3 or 4 ministerial positions, assuming they join the coalition.)

But what is clear is Likud leader and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has lost the trust of more than a slim plurality of Israelis, and effectively lost his mandate.  He won’t immediately lose his position, but his ability to act big and alone is…gone.


  1. What I like is about 50% new fresh young capable people in the new Knesset, a reflection of there is a (Yesh Atid) Future.

  2. Neshama, this is good at the local level, not in the Knesset and one reason I chose to pass on Bayit Yehudi. We so much like to say that Knesset members don't do anything, but in fact, the learning curve on the work is very long, at least over a year, and sometimes, much longer. It is a whole different level and amateurs will have their hands full.

    Besides that, I just wanted to disagree with the point at the end that the nation lost trust in Netanyahu, and a simple poll will find that is not accurate by showing that Netanyahu still holds a majority of 'popularity'.


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