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Dirty Israeli Politics – SHAS Shocker

Shas is an Israeli political party, one that’s been part of the ruling coalition governments of Israel for the past 15 years or so.  They somewhat defy definition… Ultra-orthodox leadership (and ultra-orthodox educational network), Sephardi ethnic focus, focus on the poor and even helping some Arab Israeli communities, supported withdrawal from Gaza but strong on Israel as the religious Jewish homeland.

Here’s their latest campaign video, dubbed (captioned) in English.  The return of Aryeh Deri (previous party leader convicted and imprisoned for corruption) seems to have returned Shas to an earlier age of divisiveness and even nastiness.

They almost had my vote.  This video didn’t lose it, a newly announced position of it being acceptable to give up land for peace (again) [duck, incoming missile from Gaza] did.  But this kind of cultural divisiveness would have as well.

What Israel DOES NOT need right now is the INTENTIONAL pitting of the religious against the non-religious, the Russian immigrants against the Sephardim and/or religious, or anyone against anyone!  There’s enough stress factors already.  Israel needs ACHDUS – unity.

Shas is politicking the opposite…

Direct video link.


  1. Actually Shas did not support the withdrawal from Gaza. Rav Ovadia Yosef was totally against that. He had done his homework before the Likud Referendum on the matter in May of 2004, and gave a psak to not support Sharon anymore, and Shas avoided Sharon's scheme the entire time. The crime of supporting Sharon in the Chareidi world was a totally Ashkenazi affair and came solely from United Torah Judasim.

    Now prior to this when Deri was really in control of the party, Shas did support Oslo and Wye. But Rav Yosef saw the consequences of that support during the Al Aksa Intifada and regretted those decisions from the 1990s.

  2. Akiva,

    I disagree. We need these types of videos to bedavka keep Ahdut. If Lieberman were in control of Giyur, oy vavoy lanu. That would threaten our Ahdut more than anything else.

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  5. Yaak - strongly disagree. I've actually been very happy with Shas's GOVERNANCE. They're choices leading the Ministry of the Interior have been good, and I'd vote for them to stay in that role. AND nationally the opinion has NOT been against them in such a roll. Given their charedi model, that's actually an impressive balancing act (not pissing off the majority) while maintaining charedi standards.

    Yes, the Russian Israelis are pushing for solutions to their problems - but no government fights or instability over it. In some ways letting the problems work through the religious environment to try to find some kind of balance or options without throwing a fit.

    NOW GO AND POKE PEOPLE IN THE EYE OVER IT. Bring it to the fore, force the leading party Likud-BAYTANU to have to make a solution part of their coalition platform.

    For the hopes of an extra seat Shas may lose the whole issue AND control of the Ministry of Interior. That's STUPID and DIVISIVE.

  6. LOL @ Annon, you can't even use your real name!

    So sinat chinam is your mode of conduct?

    It funny how the victors rewrite history but there are those who can see through the lies they perpetuate causing our 2000 years of suffering and will continue it.

    Why dont we then let the one who God publically identifes as the one He chose to lead us out of this mess? But we won't because we are afraid he will show how our derech is corrupted, let alone the insanely corrupted messianic movement, the Christians and Islamists. But that doesn't matter now does it, a libel is much more instore then facts along with facts on the ground. Run baby run, because in the end it will be you who is shamed. The day's are getting short, can't wait for God to clean house. So keep up the libel, use slanderous lies as often as you can, be a light unto the Nations showing how your heart is filled with venom. Don't listen to Moshe, don't follow the Tanach, so be it, but atleast follow your teachings of running your mouth and spreading lies. ROFL, such hypcrites you are. Every breath you speak proves the source of your soul. Shame on Moshe, shame on him for allowing them to come.

  7. Akiva, they have pulled the ad as far as I am aware. The comments from some Israeli's here does not shed a good light on Shas for this ad. The gov't in general, whether Shas is part of the equation or not, is to take care of it's citizens and not sacrifice them based on world opinion. When we can unite, no one can harm us. We don't want it Akiva, really, for al the talk of wanting the status quo to change. Now that's a great Jewish trajedy.

  8. Yes Shiloh, I take the MITZVAH to hate evil and evildoers seriously...Especially evildoers like you who lead other jews astray from our mesorah telling them the Oral Torah and teachings of our sages are bunk.

    Not baseless hatred...causeful hatred..

    The mitzvah of eradicating evil from our midst requires us to hate it, as in Psalms 97:10, “Those that love the L-rd hate evil.” It is the duty of him who loves G-d to hate evil and evildoers, for they are G-d's enemies. Nonetheless, in the alien [contemporary secular] Hellenist culture, the themes of love and hatred have been so entirely distorted that it is a terrible crime to speak of hatred as a halachic duty in the right time and place. False love finds a hundred different ways to overlook evil. Advocates of that culture have transformed all such traits as cruelty and revenge into an evil that must be shunned. Such is not the Torah's way...

  9. And I would add, haters like you Shiloh, of our sages are the real reason Yerushalyiem was destroyed:

    "Yerushalayim was destroyed because the people did not admonish one another (Shabbos 119b).Why didn't the Torah scholars admonish the people? Perhaps the answer lies in the next line of the gemara: Yerushalayim was destroyed because the people demeaned its Torah scholars. Aside from the intrinsic sin of disrespect, the attitude made it impossible for the talmedei chachamim to rebuke the people who demeaned and disregarded them."

    Yes I hate people like you and don't regret it for a minute. Rebels like you are the real cause moshhiach hasn't come.

  10. Lol again. See Isaiah 29:13. So trying to get Jews back to the Torah of Moshe is now evil. ROFL. So I am doing Psalm 97:10 perfectly. Funny how the true original heretics twist the word away from Moshe. Spin doctors at their best. And you like to put words in my mouth, i never said the Oral Torah or the sages are bunk. I said God never gave it according to the Tanach. I am only against that which contradicts the Torah and Tanach not against forming opinions. I dont care what you believe, only how you act, and its far from anything God taught us.

  11. You quote the talmud, what does one expect! I am in good company because you will hate the Mashiach, the one God chooses, who may disagree with the Rambam. But since we dont believe in God, only the dictates of men, I am not suprised of your misinformed words. Meveen Justin baby!

  12. Guys, guys. Are you falling into the superficial trap again?

    From what I understand, all the parties are putting a lot of election resources into 'new media' and social networks. I feel a drastic lack of political billboards everywhere I've been so far. During the last elections, the parties saw the tv election advertisements ratings plunge so they decided to not waste much there either and apparently, last night, they were all very boring and simple speeches with large fonts and some graphs. Bayit Hayehu did an expected boring - what does the 'Jewish Home' mean to you? Shas put on a show and scored a major win.

    The medium is the message.

    The Shas commercial was a success. They made a very cheap (and clearly pathetic) clip, put it on youtube and ran with it. Got a lot of 'share's and lots of hits on youtube. It's not even racist, just a dumb. BUT, they managed to get a lot of free publicity that even fought hard against the weather news. This clip will not gain or lose them one vote.

  13. The diminutive pudgy-faced idiot in the Shas advert should have counted himself lucky that a 9/10 babe wanted to marry his ugly butt. It's like the frog refusing to kiss the Princess.


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