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Ben Ephraim?

by Dov bar Leib, with edits and annotations by Reb Akiva

th (4)Who is Mashiach ben Ephraim??  Ben Ephraim returns society to common decency.  He fears G-d but is not necessarily Shomer Mitzvot (a strict observer of the biblical commandments for the Jewish people).

In today’s divided Jewish people, each segment coming out of the Holocaust with a spiritual defect and a spiritual strength, each Moshiach prior to the coming of Ben Dovid (the ultimate redeemer) effects a tikkun, a spiritual repair and an associated physical change in the Jewish nation.  Yet because of each segments’ defect, it’s unlikely they’ll recognize the one bringing the repair.

Moshiach ben Ephraim will not succeed against those who oppose him, because Mashiach ben Ephraim can only defeat the spiritual defect of the Erev Rav.  He cannot defeat the Erev Ze'ir, those who want the exile to continue or do not understand that decency is a necessary prerequisite to the Torah. 

The Erev Rav worships the Avodah Zarah of world public opinion and personal popularity.  According to the Zohar Bereishit 25, they have five soul roots: Amalekim (the most wicked full of himself prideful son of Eliphaz ben Esav), Nefilim (fallen angels), The Giborim (Men of Renown or Mighty Ones who are the sons of the Fallen Angels who had relations with human women), Refa'im (Og from the pre-flood world.  The Zohar places them as a sub-category of the Anakim.  Refa'im can also mean weak ones or even ghosts.  The City of the Refa'im was the first city conquered by the 4 kings lead by Kedarla'omer in Gen. 14:5), and Anakim (the Giants in Hevron).

If one looks closely, one can see these soul roots in action in modern society.  G-d splintered them off clearlly this time in order for us to see the final birur against the Erev Rav in action.  G-d willing more Jews will be brought out of their evil spell. 

The Erev Ze'ir is different.  They have Jewish souls, but they desire for the world of exile to continue.

Yechezkel 37: 16-17 Moreover, Son of Adam:  Take for yourself one wooden stick and Write upon it For Yehudah!  And for the Children of Yisrael his companions (his friends) then take another wooden stick and write upon it For Yosef, the Stick of Ephraim! and the entire House of Yisrael his companions.  And bring then together toward you into one wooden stick and they will be one(s) in your hand.

Devorah HaNavia, the lead of this past week’s Haftara, was the Eishet Lapidot. Now this is interpreted in three ways by Chazal:

1) She twisted wicks for the Menorah in the Mishkan at Shilo. Since wicks of that Menorah give off the light of Torah, then she is propagating Torah throughout Israel.

2) She was the wife of Barak aka Lapidot who goes off and fights the war against Sisera and Yachin with Devorah at her side. Barak is of course from Sheivet NAFTALI. (We will get back to that in a bit later.) So the question comes up. Why is Devorah sitting underneath a Tomer tree (Date tree) on top of Har Ephraim judging the nation. This brings us to option number three.

3) Her first husband, Lapid or Lapidot, was from the Tribe of EPHRAIM. He passes away, but she is a widow who likely (or maybe not) had children from her first husband. Again, either his name was Lapid or it was Lapidot. So if option three is more likely than option 2, her first husband was Lapid from Sheivet Ephraim ben Yosef. I will have to look at the Gemorrah in Chulin where this is discussed. This option then allows for option number 2 to take place where Barak becomes a 2nd husband.

Option number 3 would therefore explain why, as a widow, Devorah would be sitting under a date tree on the property of her first husband on Mt. Ephraim.

The 3rd Admor (Rebbe) of Sadigora did not think that it was beneath his dignity to sweep the streets of Bnai Brak or Tel Aviv where he lived on Yom Atzamot (The Day of the Ingathering of the Dry Bones), Hey B'Iyar. And for that alone it rained on the 5th of Tevet, his Yahrzeit, for 51 years straight, until this year when it did not. So sweeping and cleaning the Holy Land cannot be beneath the dignity of anyone.

If the stick on which it is written For Yosef, the stick of Ephraim! and the stick on which it is written For Yehudah! came together in the hand of Yechezkel HaNavi, then they can can come together in the hand of the leadership of Israel too.

For whatever reason, the gilgul of Naftali ben Ya'akov has been put in charge of the For Yehudah faction and Lapidos has been put in charge of the For Yosef faction.

We are not in the time of Moshiach Ben David yet, but we truly are in the Mashiach ben Ephraim mode and all the players except Seriah (Chushim ben Dan) are on the scene right now.

Seriah will likely appear in when the Syrian War somehow blows up since his is the lion cub that leaps forth from Bashan, the Golan Heights. And he will chop off Esav's head. The two kings have not fallen yet.

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  1. Oh my, I feel ignorant and uninformed after reading this. I was only learned that there is one Mashiach. Can you please refer me to Torah scripture regarding 2 Messiahs, and other reading materials on this topic?.
    Thank You, D


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