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There Is Nothing Else – Ein Ode

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths


(There Is One &

A reader asked:

     I know this is your favorite topic so I am asking you: It is a famous, old, but hard to understand question:

     G-d is one – “ain od milvado” – (there is nothing besides G-d),[ii] therefore; is the table G-d?

     Are we human beings G-d, or just our souls, and if just our souls, then how do we understand “there is nothing other than G-d”?

      How do I explain to my 4-year-old daughter where G-d is?

Gutman’s response:

     G-d is infinite. The Infinite, by definition, has no limits, therefore it must be all. If there would be anything other than the infinite, then that so-called infinite would not be endless. Since It is all, It must be both the lofty Infinite One, and at the same time, It has to be the tiny limited objects, too.

     The Infinite could say, "I am all, including the finite objects." But the finite objects (even though they are actually tiny portions of the Infinite), cannot say that they are the Infinite, because this finite object, is only one tiny, finite object, and it is not the other finite objects.

     The Infinite hides Its infinity to allow the finite to feel as if it is a separate, individual being. But in truth, the One is still all even after the finite entities have come into being. There is nothing else.

     Show your daughter the cover to There Is One, or go to and see the light bouncing off the water.

    How many lights are there?

    Most viewers say that there are many lights bouncing off the water. But really, there is only one light pictured there. It is the sunlight.

    How many reflections are bouncing off the water?

    There are many, tiny reflections of the One Light bouncing off the water.

     Each reflection is made of, and is a small portion (area) of the One light. The one light is in the air above the water, and it is on the water, and it is bouncing off the water. It is the one and only light in the picture. The reflections are tiny, individual rays of the one light that are being reflected off the water.

     Each object in creation is like a tiny reflection of the One Infinite One. No one tiny table (reflection) can claim to be the Infinite, but even that tiny table is a drop of the Infinite, presently being drawn into the shape of a limited table. Like a drop of water in the ocean; when you touch the drop in the ocean, you are touching the ocean, but the drop cannot claim to be the ocean.

     Explain to your daughter that even though we cannot see the light in the room, we know that it is here because of what it shows us. The light lights up the objects in the world so we can see them, but we do not see the light itself. Somewhat like this, we do not see the Infinite, but we do see the tiny bits and shapes that the Infinite creates in order to give us a world to live in.

     Where is G-d? G-d is everywhere. He fills, surrounds, and is, all.

    Hope this helps

    Be well

[i] Deuteronomy 4:39

[ii] Deuteronomy 4:35


  1. But g-d, also has a transcendant property correct?

    Many "rationalists", rambamists, and even those who take tzimtzum literally might say that explanation is misguided or even kfira.

    I am so confused, I don't know what to believe.

    How do people know that when we feel the oneness of the universe, we are not just feeling a separate oneness from gd that he created?

    Please help

  2. how about instead of G-d is "all".. G-d is in and through all. that way people won't think they can worship an image or creation.


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