Thursday, December 27, 2012


The Stability Initiative

This is the first new political thought I’ve heard out of Israeli politicians in pretty much a generation.  All of the current Israeli government politicians haven’t done much of anything but try to balance between current events.

Agree or disagree, it’s at least good to hear some new thinking.


  1. Naftali is brilliant and good. May HaShem grant him much success. Yet, if Ben Ari can prove that he can get a minimum of 75,000 votes, I will likely vote for him. It is good to have choices.

  2. I'm going to the Sovereignty Conference next week and hear what they have to say before I think about who to vote for. Maybe the attempt to annex only area C will be eclipsed by a better way to annex the whole thing!

    Shabbat shalom!
    CDG, Yerushalayim

  3. CDG - send me some feedback from the conference.

  4. I wouldn't want to insult the insane by referring to this "plan" with such a mild moniker.

    Of course the most interesting part is that Bennett himself knows this very well.

  5. Annexing Areas A and B requires giving the Arabs who live in those areas voting rights. At this juncture I can't see how Areas A and B can be annexed. Area C is over 60% of Yesha. It simply makes sense until HaShem provides us with another opportunity....which He will within the next three years anyway. So for now, this is a solid plan.

  6. Rav Dov,
    This plan is bogus, unrealistic, and sacrilegious. There cannot be any talk from our side of 'giving up' land to a Palestinian country. Talking about 'taking our destiny into our hands' is also 'kohi botzem yadi' which is Mizrahi talk.

    There is a cnn video taken during Cloud Pillar of Bennet and an Arab. Bennet seems to represent the Jewish side well. The description on the video that Bennet's uploaded says that this is Bennet vs a representative of the Palestinians, but in fact, this Mr. Hussain is clearly described as a representative of the CFR and he more or less brings forth the US/UK side. The world will never accept this and neither would the Arabs who live next door to us.

    Our 'plan' should be to forget about thinking about plans. The ball should be clearly put in the 'Palestinians' court. Let them come up with a peace plan of their own. The left wanted to call their bluff by leaving Gaza. Well, so much for that - the world does not care. The world wants us to give everything that the Palestinians demand and more. In this case, I don't trust Bennet who is Mafdal which sat in governments who gave away Gush Katif and the past four years of evacuating outposts and not making them legal instead.

    My vote is Otzma L'yisrael.

  7. If Michael Ben Ari can show me a list of 75,000 other voters for Otzma, I will vote for him too. But if he is short one vote of the 2% that he needs to pass over the threshold, a vote for him will mean diddly squat. That is, with at least 75,000 votes Otzma will get at least 2 seats. Baruch HaShem if that occurs. With 65,000 votes Ben Ari and company get zilch. 3.4 million people voted in the 2009 Israeli elections. 2% that time was about 68,000 votes. I pray that someone in Otzma is honest, mathematically astute, and will tell us if they are over the threshold. I have been down this road with Baruch Marzel before. It was a well-traveled road to wasting my vote. And Attorney General Weinstein, yemach shmo, will laugh and laugh all the way to his next paycheck from the US State Dept. via the Ford Foundation. The US may be headed over a Cliff, but they always have enough money to pay off the Israeli Attorney General to nullify a politician at a crucial moment in order to sway an Israeli election in their favor.

  8. Also may I point out that Otzma L'Yisrael seems to be saying in their very name that the Otzem is in our hands. Maybe they would do better to rename their party Otzma LaShem.

  9. The "stability initiative" is trying to make the status quo better instead of solving the problem correctly: annexing all land in our hands, without giving the arabs the right to vote. They will have residency status and that's it, if they want more, they can go and live in one of the dozens of arab "democracies".


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