Wednesday, December 26, 2012

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My family are very happy customers of Sodastream.  What’s a Sodastream?  It’s a way of making your own soda (or pop or coke) at home, including a carbonation machine, special bottles and flavor mixes (optional, you can add anything you like) that mimic popular soda flavors.

This product is great if you care about the environment (no disposable plastic bottles – reusable plastic bottles that last 1-2 years each), great if you consume a lot of soda or have a large family and don’t like hauling around case after case of soda, runs about 1/2 the cost of regular soda purchases, and their “full flavor” products use less sugar, less corn syrup and less additives than regular soda.

Sodastream Genesis Home Soda Maker Starter Kit

Why do I mention it?  Because a bunch of DivestHoles continue to target this great product that I enjoy and use daily. 

So I encourage you to do the opposite, buy it.  Sodastream is made in Israel, and indeed some of their manufacturing occurs in Judea and Samaria.  They provide employment for the local population… that means Jews and Arabs.  And they sell their products worldwide, to any and all who would like to buy it.

For my orthodox Jewish readers, many Sodastream machines are permitted for use on Shabbat – just be sure to select one that does NOT have a digital display if you’re going to use it on Shabbat.  (The machine works by a mechanical action and is therefore permitted on Shabbat, but some machines have an electric digital quantity display, making those models prohibited.)

Non-Digital 4 Shabbat or Anyday - Sodastream Dynamo Deluxe

Digital Readout, Basic - SodaStream Fizz Starter Kit - Black/Silver

Digital Readout, Fancy - Sodastream Revolution Deluxe Home Soda Maker


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