Sunday, December 16, 2012


Oh No, Jewish Babies

A couple of professors (one an Israeli) from Columbia Unniversity have determined the cause of the lack of peace in the Middle East….Jewish babies!
(A significant thing to notice is the birthrate listed for the West Bank Arabs – the “Demographic Threat” is OVER [if it ever really existed].)


  1. Great fuzzy graphics ... maybe reduce them so we can read them, or give a link. The info is of great importance and should be on the front page of every Israeli newspaper!

  2. Unfortunately Bloggers/Google's photo management isn't handling this odd sized infographic properly. Working on the problem now.

  3. Ah, that's better. A little photoshop or other software should help in situations like this.

    Remarkable, you often come up with info that we don't see in regular news. Kol HaKavod.

  4. I was an a demographic conference in the US in which one of the presenters noted that settlers have higher birth rates than Palestinians. Everyone seemed so sad, as if this was obviously such a bad thing and so bad for peace!

    Even though these Columbia professors seem to be far-left when it comes to issues of peace, their work will be worth it if it convinces some people to give up on the two-state solution. The thing is, there are far-right versions of the one-state solution (in which West Bank Arabs have no rights whatsoever) and far-left versions (in which they have full citizenship and right of return), but neither are feasible. The point is to pick something in between these extremes and implement it -- no point in waiting for negotiations, which would never bear fruit anyway.


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