Monday, December 17, 2012


No Secular Limits for the Frum Jew?

A cute video, though I’m ambivalent about it’s message.

Direct video link.


  1. I think what they are trying to say is that people shouldn't feel discouraged that they have to choose between their dream job or being religious. People can do their dream job if they do it accordingly with Jewish law, like leave work early on Fri afternoon etc

  2. The Torah was given for us to cope with the world, not to live in a getto away from it.

  3. i agree with rabbi akiva here. the message on the video is questionable because it encourages material success in the non-jewish world.

    the true goals of our people have been to prioritize torah and mitzvot this is what fuels and sustains us from our Creator. we have seen in america the result of altering that focus.

    supporters of this video may say that these people maintain their religious lives. but the image or message in the video has a very non-religious sense to it. after watching it i do not feel inspired or motivated...i feel disappointed and sad.

    the goal of jewish life is to live in the land of israel, not to be materially successful in america.


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