Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Lies and the Jerusalem News


The Torah (the holy bible) uses the Hebrew terminology “yishuv haaretz”, settle the land.  This is a command from G-d to the Jewish people, settle the land.

This leads to Jewish towns being called “yishuvim” (in Hebrew), literally settlements.

This is biblical terminology.  In more modern terminology, Jewish towns are called villages, communities, towns and cities. 

But the Jewish people were (and are) proud to have returned to the Holy Land, to the Land given by G-d to the Jewish people.  The waves of returning Jewish people were called “the first (wave of) settlement, the second (wave of) settlement, etc.”  And they “settled” in Tel Aviv, Petach Tikva, Netanya, etc, all at one time new yishuvim – settlements.

They DID NOT settle in Jerusalem, Haifa, Tiberious.  There they moved to the cities and, as necessary and appropriate, built new neighborhoods, districts, areas.  Today’s Jerusalem has 53 times the population and 32 times the land area of what it was 110 years ago. 

Jerusalem population year 1900 - estimated at 15,000. 
Jerusalem population year 2011 - 801,000.
Jerusalem land area year 1900 – guesstimate 4 sq. km.
Jerusalem land area year 2007 – 126 sq. km.

So when Jews, particularly religious Jews, say they’re going to develop an area, build a neighborhood or build a new community, they like to use the biblical terminology that they’re going to “settle”. 

But if YOU were adding a neighborhood to a CITY, building a new suburb or a new suburban commute town, you’d say you’re BUILDING A NEIGHBORHOOD or DEVELOPING an OPEN AREA, or building a suburb or commuter town.

Even by Associated Press standards, “East Jerusalem Settlement” is a contradiction of terms.  You can’t “settle a city”.  You can expand it, develop it or build it up, but you can’t “settle” it.

Dear Associated Press, you can try to delegitimize the Jews all you want.  But the bible commands us to settle the land…

And that means, Jews BUILD.  Contrast that with our neighbors.

A few other factors worth mentioning…

Givat Hamatos is SOUTH of Jerusalem.  How can something in the South be “East”???  (The answer is in diplo-speak, East Jerusalem means any area the Palestinians want, whether it’s north, south, east or west.)

Where exactly is Givat Hamatos?  Far away?  Distant eastern hill? OR IN THE MIDDLE OF EXISTING NEIGHBORHOODS?????


1.5 miles from Malcha mall.
1/2 mile from Talpiot.
INSIDE the Gilo and Har Homa neighborhoods of Jerusalem.

There is ZERO possibility of this empty block ever ending up as Palestinian territory.  So what’s the kerfuffle about????  (That Jews should not build.)


  1. Its the politically correct way of Jew hatred. Bloggers need to hammer away at the libel and the fake nation. But the catch is that since the Torah is quite clear when we stray from His path, He will send a "non people" just as He promised. So we want our Land, do His will. To simple for we cannot see the forest for the trees.

  2. Words like "kerfuffle" and "wonk" should vanish.

  3. I like 'kerfuffle'. What's wrong, anonymous?

    Akiva, love this straightening the minds of crooked thinkers. Unfortunately, they are not interested in Emes or in Biblical truths. Nevertheless, we need to continue to counter their twisted myopic opinions.

    I always complained about lumping north, west and south neighborhoods into the ever-expanding East Jerusalem!!!


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