Sunday, December 30, 2012

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How Do I Know?

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths



     How do I know which path to take? How do I know the truth, if Hashem is guiding me, or if I am imagining things? Does Hashem really talk to us through everything like the Baal Shem taught?

Gutman’s response:

     The greatest value of the Torah is that it shows us a path that has safely led the Jewish people for thousands of years. We see that the Jews who follow it, end up with Jewish families. This is certainly one of the most important goals for a Jew. But still, within a Torah life, there are many options we can choose. So how do we know which path is true? Which path is for me? How do I guide myself on a daily basis?  

     First, if you were not raised in a traditional family, find a family that is happy following their way in Torah. See if they love and respect each other, and if you can say, “I would like my family to be like this.” Then follow their way as long as it works for you. The objective is to be happy with your Torah observance, and for your family to find joy in serving Hashem.

     As for the truth; when G-d first created the Universe, He did so with Truth and Righteousness ruling. But He soon saw that the world could not stand up to such strict judgment. So Hashem created Mercy to come into the world to throw down Truth, so Peace could be. Peace is the goal, not Truth.

     If the absolute truth were known who among us could survive the deserved judgment? Certainly, I could not!

     So G-d, in His kindness hides some of the truth and allows us to be forgiven. Of course, there is a limit to His patience, but for most of us, if we will try with a good heart, He will guide us to live a peaceful life.

     As we go, we all make mistakes… we fall… we pick ourselves up… we dust ourselves off… and we try again. Such is life… a series of ups and downs.

     Yes, every single blade of grass blows in the wind in a way that Hashem dictates, and if we see it, it was sent to teach us something about life. Whatever we do comes back to us. But we have to pay attention to the simple, pleasant responses, or they will become more severe, until we learn what they came to teach us.

     It is the fortunate person who learns of his mistakes and corrects them while he is still here. In the next world there is reaping, but no sowing. Now is the opportunity to make the world a better place, which also makes a better place for us, both in this world, and in the Next.


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