Wednesday, December 12, 2012

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Donde Esta Dios? (Where is G-d?)

at the Western Wall with Reb Gutman Locks on Mystical Paths


     A group of non Jews from Latin America came to the Kotel with their tour guide. I remember only a little Spanish, but it was enough to ask them, “Where is G-d?”

     Being Xians, they all answered, “En mi corazon” (in my heart).

     I told them that G-d is everywhere, and not just in your heart, “En todos los lugares!” After explaining in completely broken Spanish that G-d is Infinite so He has to be everywhere, I asked them again, and this time I took the picture, “Donde esta Dios?” And they all answered with a smile, “En todos los lugares (in every place).

     Everyone you meet is an opportunity.

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  1. Hi R.Gutman,

    I know this is not the good place to ask you about this subject but...I'm searching for ways to ease my OCD symptoms and there's a new method out there that is growing popular because of its safety and effectiveness: Emotional Freedom Technique (

    My only concern with it is Avoda Zara. By what I could read until now, it is basically a way to correct the flux of energy in one's body by tapping energy points in one's body and repeating at the same time a statement that goes like this: "“Even though (insert problem) I deeply and completely accept myself".. I think you'll find more good info on the wikipedia page above.

    It looks like a stupid thing to do but it's free and there's so much people finding relief (and not only for OCD problems), that I'm about to give it a try.

    I can't see what's not kosher in it, apart maybe for some kind of reminiscence of ancient pagan practises in the core foundations of this "technique" (the energy points etc), but even there it's only a supposition, I can't be sure that we can trace it back to hinduism and apart from that statement and the tapping there's no any humming, no beels, no prostration or invocation of fake gods, so...

    Could you tell us what you think ?

    Thanks in advance.


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