Monday, December 31, 2012

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Aliyah Tovah

at the Western Wall with Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths


     This young American is a music producer, and a sound technician. He just moved to Israel and became an Israeli citizen. This is called aliyah (ascent). Whenever we come to Israel, even for a visit, we come up, and whenever we leave, we go down.

     This is also true about Jerusalem. Even if we travel from one part of Israel to Jerusalem we say that we are going up to Jerusalem, and when we leave Jerusalem, we go down. This is a spiritual ascent and descent. We recognize that Israel is spiritually higher than the other lands, and that Jerusalem is the highest place in all of Israel.

     What practical difference does this make? When we care enough to take a look, the spiritual nature of reality is much easier to see here than in other lands. G-d is equally everywhere, but He makes it easier for us to see this here. Obviously, He does so because He wants us to be here.

     When I asked the young man why he made aliyah, he told me that he came because he could not find a Jewish wife in America. He thinks that he came here for an entirely physical reason. He doesn’t realize what is actually going on.

     G-d gives us the physical land of Israel for spiritual reasons. He wants us to use the holiness of this land to bring His Torah into the world. G-d gives men the strong physical desire for a woman for the same reason. He wants us to bring more souls into the world so they can fulfill His commandments. Not only do mitzvahs reveal holiness in this world, but the souls that do them go on to an even higher place than they were before they came into this world. This is the soul’s descent and ascent. This is also why marriage is called, “going down in order to come up.” The single man is leaving the, in some ways, higher life of only learning Torah, and is going down into the very physical life of marriage and family. And his going down will bring him even higher.

     When we only look at the physical aspects of marriage, it can be very difficult at times. But we know that the reward of staying together far outweighs the difficulty of putting up with someone else’s moods. Living in Israel can also be very frustrating, but when we look at the benefits of living in this holy place it makes the daily frustrations easy to put up with.    

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  1. Kol HaKavod to this young gentleman. Hope that he finds his wife (his soulmate) and even greater Ruchniyut.


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