Thursday, December 06, 2012


A Bit Crazy

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

th (2)World events are currently in a WHIRLWIND.  Amazingly, one would barely notice without paying specific attention…

- The Syrian civil war has reached the tipping point, hundreds (mostly civilians) are dying each week, the regime is about to deploy chemical weapons and/or chemical and biological weapons are about to fall into the hands of jihadis.  (I’m sorry, did you say something, I was watching the finale of my TV show.)

- The EURO zone has to refinance the majority of it’s bonds in the next two weeks.  Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy may default or the whole EURO zone may break apart.  (Shhhhh, you’re interrupting my checking out the newly pregnant prince’s wife with morning sickness’s fashions.)

- The U.S. President and U.S. Congress are playing a game of economic chicken, the “Fiscal Cliff”, fiddling while the U.S. economy burns down around them.  WHETHER they come to an agreement or not NO LONGER MATTERS, as companies have already started their layoffs and pulled back investments due to the uncertainty and increasingly negative business environment – guaranteed to be worse next year regardless.  (What are you talking about, the news says the economy is continuing it’s ongoing recovery from the summer of 2009.)

- Egypt is re-melting down as their people quickly got sick of the U.S. supported newly elected president’s efforts to change the country from a secular dictatorship heavily suppressing religion to a religious dictatorship heavily suppressing secularism.  This hasn’t slowed down the U.S.’s 2 billion dollar a year economic and military support (and you thought that was just Israel).  (The Arab Spring is wonderful, it has freed the Arab lands to enjoy the benefits of democracy!)

- After firing 1,400 missiles directly at Israeli civilians (each an individual international war crime that no one noticed), the Palestinians were rewarded by a U.N. vote to grant them non-state membership status – making them equal to the Vatican.  They immediately declared themselves a full fledged state with Jerusalem as it’s capital.  All of Europe except for the Czech Republic voted yes, as did most of the world (the U.S. and Canada voted no).  (The U.N. is the proper world forum for dealing with issues, as shown by the recent voting of Sudan to the Human Rights Council and Iran to the Council on Women’s Issues.)

- Hurricane hits New Jersey & New York, USA (areas still seriously damaged and even without power!)  Typhoon hits the Philippines, hundreds killed.  California hit by floods and storm damage.

And the main issue the world is worried about, that has caused over 30 countries to call in ambassadors for consultations and 3 countries to issue direct threats…

Israel declares it will build 3,000 homes on an empty desert hill on the eastern side of Jerusalem.



  1. Akiva: I was checking the list of the wild action in the last 6 weeks starting with one of the most unusual massive storms in the history of the modern world, Hurr. Sandy, and I noticed that there were 7 countries besides the US and Israel that actually voted NO on Palestine. Now I have my own view about how the Czech Republic has hakarat HaTov because of how the Maharal stopped the Golem from destroying the City of Prague. And I believe that Stephen Harper is simply a righteous gentile who has large body of support of righteous gentiles in Western and English speaking Canada. Way to go Winnipeg, Calgary and Edmonton!! can't wait to go hiking in BANFF at the continental divide. But why Panama? must be a reason. And four countries in the South Pacific: Bali Hai anyone? (Of course bring your own family and kosher food or fishing pole, and stay away from the Avodah Zarahs). What are they breathing in Micronesia and the Marshall Islands that they seem to love us so much? Otherwise you gotta love worldwide isolation.

    But you forgot how the Feiglin list was swept into the top 19 Likud positions four and five measly days after our King Shaul surrendered on the 8th day of the Gaza War. Nothing has been normal since Hurricane Sandy, and it is all good.

  2. I thought the Czech position was due to the people there remembering how the world powers betrayed them to the Nazis prior to WW2?

    Fwiw, the Czeches also initially supplied weaponry to Israel in the early years of the state.

    The question I have is whether the vote can be really considered the line in the sand on which nations are righteous, cowardly or wicked, since the US despite having a signifcant number of Pro-Israel/Jewish, God-Fearing people are ruled by an establishment that is the complete opposite.

  3. Menachem from the Absolute TruthDecember 06, 2012 5:06 AM

    This is all tremendous news since, according to Tenach, Talmud, Zohar, Midrash, etc, it is all suppose to happen just before Moshiach is introduced. Hashem is getting all the Jews to do teshuvah by scaring them. Things will get worse, but Hashem's plan is flawless and it is all for our benefit -- it is all good news. B"H

  4. What's crazy is the Israeli Gov't saying they are committed to a two state solution on one hand and then after the UN vote to give the fake nation observer status they withhold funds and announce this building. If they agree to the two state solution which we all know is bogus, then do so. If not, annex Judea and Samaria and be done with it. What's even more bizarre is this who issue is nothing more then a continuation of the ultimate Nazi plan to rid the world of us. Does not the government here know this? Do they not know this people is an invention from 1967 to rid the Land of us? Why wont anyone stand up? Can't Bibi just ask his son if he is not sure himself of the promise of the Tanach and our National destiny? This is what's insane here. The lies are so big, they refuse to see it.

    If I am not for myself, who will be for me? They can't rely on the modern day Pharoah to save us! It's the opposite.

  5. Im afraid that sandy did not scare them enough. Rebuilding is the work of the day. Did they ever stop for a moment and ask "Why?" My friends in NY just don't consider leaving? They even think it is more dangerous here in Eretz Yisrael with the Arabs ... Am I safe, am I afraid ... They ask me???


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