Thursday, November 08, 2012


U.S. Results Analysis

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

Many pundits are busy trying to analyze U.S. election results.  Something big happened this U.S. election, with American politics shifting in a major way.  Because of America’s disproportionate wealth and military strength, major changes in the U.S. have a world wide impact besides it’s own domestic impact.  This makes them worth examining, if briefly.

For the last 75 years or so (at least since World War II), if not for the majority of it’s history, the U.S. has had a solid majority culture and demographic.  The majority culture of the U.S. has never been a pure ethnic culture.  With constant immigration throughout it’s history from different sources (an Irish immigration, a Chinese immigration, an Italian immigration, a Jewish immigration, etc, etc), America has never been an ethnic monolith.  Rather the American culture has been an ideological culture.

In the past the “average American” could trace back to his immigrant forefathers in 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 generations.  He knew his immigrant forefathers came to “the land of the free” for freedom and opportunity.  The American culture was freedom and opportunity.  Reality may not have always lived up to the billing, but the culture said anyone could made it.

But the last 2 generations have seen the move to “multi-culturalism” – the concept that all cultures are equal. For all cultures to be equal, the last 2 generations of American children had to be educated that American culture, which does not have common ethnic, religious or tribal roots to hold it together, was just another cultural choice among many.  And American history has plenty of horrendous historical events which can be used to demonstrate it’s failings (examples such as African slavery and the genocidal wars against American Indians).

America has never been particularly assimilationist.  You can come to America, eat foreign foods, worship foreign gods, build a foreigner community, yet enjoy the advantages of America and strive for the overall cultural goals.  Deemphasize those goals and American cultural values (since all cultures are equal), and the slow assimilation of generations drops off.

The result – the “majority culture” of America is no longer the majority.  America has successfully been subdivided.  It has entered the generation of identity politics and sub-culture goals.  President Obama understood, exploited and furthered this trend, while the GOP and Mitt Romney simply did not.


Here’s the vote statistics that won the election for President Obama:

% African American votes for Obama – 93%  (who make up 13% of voters)

% Hispanic American votes for Obama – 78% (who make up 10% of voters)

% Singe Women votes for Obama – 67% (who make up 23% of voters)

% Atheists who voted for Obama – 70% (who make up 12% of voters)

…and that’s the election.

There’s obviously some overlap there (one can be a single hispanic atheist women for example), but if you’ve got 30% of the vote tied up before you start, you don’t have much of a hurdle to overcome to win.  You just have to get 20% of the rest to vote for you.

What about “middle America”? 

% “White” American votes for Romney – 59%

% Married Women votes for Romney – 53%

% Evangelical Xian votes for Romney – 78%

% Catholic White Xian votes for Romney – 59%

So today, “middle America” can’t hold it’s own.  Even giving a candidate 60% support isn’t a win.  Middle America’s not used to tribal politics, but that’s the new name of the game.

The result is, without a doubt, more extremism.  Each “group” can be openly extreme about what they want…and who they hate.  There are no repercussions, protection comes from the tribe, preventing any backlash from the national culture.  The game is pandering and trading support for group kickbacks.

Welcome to the new America – the anti-melting pot.  If you assimilate, you lose.


  1. as a noahide living in SE Asia, i viewed with disbelief, at the values the public voted for. then i realised that actually the republicans did not lose. the democrats did not win. Hashem won. both their plans will not materialise. Hashem's Plan will. and may it be that it brings redemption israel and in israel's merits to us.

  2. Sorry Reb Akiva, I've heard/read this analysis from a few angles this week and while it is a legitimate trend of demographics study, it is not the reason the democrats won. I think America is still America (except for Dearborn, MI) and 'hispanics' see themselves as full Americans (and are filling up baseball teams with pride).

    I'm not sure I can agree with you on a trend to multi-culturalism hurting 'Americanism'. Canada has pushed multi-c for many more years, and all the immigrants are still loyal Canadians, maybe even the Arabs. But I disagree that the 'ethnic ghost' is pointing toward a shift to the liberal democrats.

    I'll say it quite bluntly, absolutely no one (I've read so far) has said anything about Obama being black being the major factor. If the Democrats had fielded a white older fellow, would all this 'new demographics' apply?


    Fact 1: the Dems barely squeezed by in the popular vote with a negligible difference of a few hundred thousand people. They still do not own Congress either.

    Fact 2: Obama actually lost 8 million voters while the Republicans gained over a million.

    Fact 3: The Republicans gained in the electoral vote winning Indiana and North Carolina.

    Sorry to let y'all down. Everyone in the leftist media is pushing a great change in America? Why can't they think one step further? Because like their Israeli counterparts, they are afraid of revealing the truth. That America almost lost Obama and instead will be voting a Republican in four years if the Democrats do not field another ethnic candidate.


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