Friday, November 09, 2012


They Love Us Not

Direct video link.


  1. Come on. You can find all kinds of crazy people who support anyone. I'm an Obama supporter and I'm also a religious Tzioni Jewish woman living in Jerusalem! This is extreme. I don't even want to watch the video, and I won't, because it's so out there.

    I liked this blog a lot more when it wasn't partisan.

  2. I agree Yocheved.
    This is really beneath this blog.

  3. They Love Us Not
    Who are They ??

  4. @Yocheved

    This may seem like a surprise to you...but most Jews who are religious are opposed to obama. Jews in Israel are overwhelmingly opposed to him.
    This blog is not "partisan". This blog is from committed charedi Jews from Israel who care deeply and passionately about all Jewish people regardless.
    Everyone is entitled to their own political beliefs. But I would suggest that you might take a good, clear look at why those opposed to him feel the way they do.
    The hard, cold reality is that he is vehemently against Israel. His treatment of Netanyahu was the worst in American history. All of his associates are virulently anti-Israel..and the list is long and ugly.
    He consistently panders to the arab world, bowing to the saudi king. He constantly "bows" to islam all over the world.
    The sad truth is that he is a secret muslim (check out his ring) and a socialist/communist. He is dangerous for Israel and America.
    However, seeing that you are African-American, it is no surprise that you would not be willing or able to acknowledge these things.
    The bottom line here is that no matter what your religious or political views, obama is very dangerous for Israel and the Jewish people.
    Our rabbis say that this may cause more Jews to make teshuvah and make aliyah.
    Hope you continue to visit this blog and express your views.

  5. P.S.: Not every African-American supports obama. There are Republicans and Independents who oppose him. The sad reality is that in American there is, I think, a high rate of anti-semitism in the African-American community. It is widespread. Check the stats on the internet. Many who voted for obama did so because they wanted to support a black candidate. This is ridiculous and also quite racist.
    Whatever your reasons for supporting him, I would urge you to seriously explore in depth why most Israelis and religious Jews do not like him at all.

  6. I don't know if posting this video is the best idea. It does show the sentiment that exists: ignorance and vile hatred of Israel; ignorance by a Jewish person about Israel; and the viewing of obama as an "angel"...
    The video shows an alarming cross-section of anti-israel feeling in America especially among the left.
    People like Simon Wiesenthal from the time of the Shoah have said that this is worse than germany in the 30s (!) in terms of world-wide anti-semitism. So, the sentiments expressed in this video should be of concern; not simply dismissed as crazy.
    As a Jewish person who knows the long history of anti-semitism, this video is very disturbing. Maybe Yocheved should study that history and she would have a better idea of what is going on and why.

  7. I'm surprised at you, putting up such a video.

  8. I find this guy in the video utterly disgusting. And then the young Jewish kid who hates Israel because he doesn't know his own history. Listen how he describes his "sort of" Jewish heritage.

    The video is a very disturbing example of what obama has let out of the woodwork. May G-d have compassion on all of Israel and hammer their enemies.


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