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Life Blogging in Israel during War

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

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jabLife Blogging – Blogging about my family life events during Gaza Conflict XXXIV in Israel.

4:30 PM – I’m in a business meeting in Jerusalem.  An ultra-orthodox co-worker of American origin gets a ping on their Samsung Galaxy S3 android phone – email from the U.S. Embassy, ‘American citizens are recommended to avoid roads (a series are listed) in the West Bank and areas of Jerusalem due to Arab protests.’  She mentions what she read and we all wonder what they’re protesting (in such a violent way, out of the norm).  She’s worried because she travels some of those roads, though on their inside-the-green-line portion.

4:45 PM – We’ve done a little web browsing, found out arch Hamas terrorist leader Ahmed Jabari has just been blown up by Israel.  We’re not celebrating (we’re not barbarians) but hope this might end the rocket fire on the innocent civilians in southern Israel.

5:00 PM – I text my children, several of whom learn in Jerusalem and travel by bus, alerting them to the situation and to increase personal security vigilance.

6:30 PM – I leave my office, choosing to avoid traveling the “back way”, through the West Bank by Beitar Illit and the Jerusalem to Efrat tunnels. There’s been no security incidents there in years (which amounted to some rock throwing and a few pot shots near the tunnels from the distance), but no need to take unnecessary chances.  I prepare for extra traffic in traveling home the longer way… there is none. 

8:00 PM – One of my son’s unexpectedly arrives home from yeshiva.  His yeshiva is in rocket range of Gaza, and they found themselves running for shelter on several occasions.  His dorm does not have a shelter, he has to run for the main building.  He watched his dorm family grab their toddlers (one under each arm) and run for their lives.  A strike in the distance shook their buildings.  They sent the boys home early for Shabbat for safety reasons.  He seemed to take it in stride, no big deal.

8:30 PM – Before going to bed my daughter is arguing with me about going to school tomorrow.  She learns in Jerusalem and travels there via Beitar Illit.  Given events, she’s afraid of the large number of Arab workers entering Beitar while she’s waiting at the bus stop as well as Arab workers near her school in Gilo, Jerusalem.  Given her age I’m tempted to let her stay home or drive her myself.

8:45 PM – Army son calls, his base is on alert (naturally).  They’re doing the things bases do when on alert, and he’s not sure if he’ll be home on his regular schedule (but on call) or if they’ll keep the full unit on base. 

9:30 PM – (Former IDF) daughter notes instructions from IDF Home Front Command.  Those in immediate rocket range of Gaza, 40km, have major safety restrictions about school, work, weddings, and public gatherings.  They’re instructed to stay near shelters at all times.  We’re at 46km and are instructed to make sure shelters are open and accessible.  Ours is, it’s being used as her bedroom!

10:00 PM – IDF jets overhead, and a helicopter.  We get some air force traffic overhead occasionally, this is more than usual and lower.  Makes sense with conflict in progress.

I’m sure that wasn’t particularly exciting.  Though there’s a conflict literally just a 30 minute drive away, in the rest of Israel life goes on as normal. 

May we see true peace immediately with the coming of Moshiach Tzidkaynu, the Geulah Shalayma and the eradication of evil from this world.

Video – Iron Dome anti-missile interceptor firing a large battery against incoming terrorist missiles targeting civilian population areas (that’s called an International War Crime – though don’t expect to hear that on the news).

Note – these guys are IDIOTS for standing outside filming this!

Day 1 -- Day 2 -- Day 3 -- Day 4 (Shabbos) -- Day 5 (Work Week)


  1. Akiva, I know of one location just minutes south of Tekoa that they where protesting, blocking the road etc yesterday morning. The longer we drag this thing out, the worse it will get.

  2. May you and your family and our family klal Yisroel be safe. May we see Moshiach thia year!


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