Thursday, November 15, 2012

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Life Blogging in Israel during War – Day 2

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

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Life Blogging – Blogging about my family life events during Gaza Conflict XXXIV in Israel.  This is not a live blog of war events, it’s a live blog of my life in Israel with jets overhead and missiles down the road.

7:00 AM – Younger daughter won’t go to school on her own, she’s afraid.  She travels through the Shomron (West Bank) and changes buses in a settlement (though we don’t live in the West Bank, it’s the shortest route to her school in Jerusalem).  My wife decides to drive her all the way and follows her bus route.  I didn’t mention to her to avoid it, and I’m worried.  Arabs are protesting, and I don’t need my wife and daughter caught in a hailstorm of bricks.

blood8:30 AM – Reports come in of a deadly Hamas Arab Terrorist missile strike to the Israeli civilian town of Kiryat Malachi.  Kiryat Malachi is a medium sized town with a significant Chabad chassidic presence and the site of my son’s yeshiva (who was sent home last night for Shabbat and due to safety being in missile strike range).  First reports say several yeshiva students killed, we’re worried it could be my son’s yeshiva and his friends!




image8:45 AM – Reports clarify, the missile hit a residential apartment building, killing 3 1/2 in the apartment.  2 rabbis and one 25 year old Chabad House rebbitzen (pregnant) who was visiting from her Chabad house in India were killed.  May Hashem avenge their blood.  Others, including several children and one infant, were severely injured.  SHOOTING AT KIRYAT MALACHI IS A BLATENT WAR CRIME.  THIS IS A CIVILIAN TOWN WITH NO INDUSTRIAL OR MILITARY INFRASTRUCTURE.  AWAITING UNITED NATIONS CONDEMNATION AND INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT INDICTEMENTS OF HAMAS.  (I know, dream on.)

9:00 AM – My wife returned, reports heavy security force presence in the areas she traveled through the West Bank to Jerusalem.  No incidents occurred for her, though speaking with a co-worker later in the day from Gush Etzion, he reported some groups of Arabs throwing BOULDERS at passing cars near Efrat.

10:00 AM – Traffic to Jerusalem is light.  People may be staying home.  On arrival to the office, everyone is monitoring (via internet or phone apps or pads). 

11:00 AM – Sorting through Arab propaganda.  They hit Tel Aviv (no they didn’t, at least not at this time), they hit Dimona (site of Israel’s nuclear reactor – no they didn’t), they’ve killed hundreds of the enemy (unfortunately 3, not hundreds), they’ve got dead babies all over the place (pictures they’re showing are from Arab on Arab slaughter in Syria).  Does anyone actually believe anything they say?  (Unfortunately yes.)

12:00 AM – Army son calls, he just wants to talk.  He’s nervous.  A co-worker who’s son finished combat training a few months ago called to update his mother, they’re on the move (from where to where he couldn’t say, does he need to?)

baby_blood1:00 PM – Picture of injured baby comes out.  Doesn’t matter though, it’s just innocent Jewish blood.

2:00 PM – Co-worker (a native Israeli Jew) and I have a conversation. 

Me: “What does it take for Israeli’s to freak out and push the government to go full force like a real war?  (My personal thought is a missile hit on Tel Aviv, 3 of which have been tried so far but all shot down.)

Him: “A missile hitting Tel Aviv.  Then the government would have no choice but to clear out the problem (rather than manage it), resulting in thousands of deaths, as mobs in Israel would be rioting to destroy the enemy.  This is not good.”

Do the idiots in Gaza understand what they are doing?

4:45 PM – Another co-worker gets a call from his mother in Lower Tel Aviv.  She’s freaking out, the air raid sirens are going off in her area.  TEL AVIV!

5:00 PM – Co-worker gets another call from his mother, walls of her house shook with an explosion in the (not too distant) distance.  Co-worker tries to reach his wife, then his father, can’t get through – lines overloaded.  He runs out to head for home – even if everything is ok (G-d willing), he has little children that it could be a challenge for his wife to shepherd in an emergency.

5:15 PM – Reports state missile attack reaching for Tel Aviv missed in an open area.  No injuries or damage.

6:43 PM – Friend in Tel Aviv area just messaged me… Air Raid sirens sound in TEL AVIV, sirens THEN BOOM.  No reports yet of injuries or damage or impact point.  Note parts of Tel Aviv are old areas, limited or no bomb shelters in many buildings (neighborhood shelters for long range air plane attack).

7:00 PM – Reports of 3 missiles hitting Tel Aviv area.  Now reports say “#IDF Chief of Staff Gantz convening General Staff at this hour.”  That means it gets real, the army upgrades it’s mode and does everything to stop the attacks.

7:30 PM – Commuting home, listening to air raid alerts for town after town in Southern Israel.  Civilian towns, village communities, men, women, children all running for their lives as they are targeted (an international war crime).  Every couple minutes an alert in another town, some cities being alerted again and again every 5 minutes.  It drops off about an hour later, either the IDF being affective or all the terrorists headed to the bar after a good nights work.

Day 1 -- Day 2 -- Day 3 -- Day 4 (Shabbos) -- Day 5 (Work Week)


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