Tuesday, November 27, 2012

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Jews Are Like This

at the Western Wall with Reb Gutman Locks on Mystical Paths


     The yeshiva student just announced that he is a ‘chatan (bridegroom). “Mazal tov, mazal tov!”

     The Israeli standing next to him had just taken off the tefillin. When he heard the student’s announcement he leaned over and most sincerely said, “I have had so many problems in my life… I don’t want to bore you with them… but, if you would, please remember my name under the ‘chupa (marriage canopy).

     When a Jewish couple stands under their marriage canopy it is a most special time in their lives. Not only are their friends and rabbis all looking at them and wishing them well, but we are told that G-d is also looking at them, and wishing them well! It is called a “time of favor.” This means that G-d is listening to their prayers, and is looking most favorably upon them. Because of this, often friends and family will ask the bride or groom to remember them while they stand under their ‘chupa.

     This student did not know that Israeli from Adam. He never saw him before, and most likely, he will never see him again. The wedding is months away, and surely the student has tons of more important things to worry about. So when the Israeli told the student his name and his mother’s name, I thought that he would say something like, “alright,” but then go back to all of the more important things that were flying into his head.

     Instead, he said, “Wait… do you have a piece of paper?”

     He wrote the Israeli’s name on the small piece of paper and put it in his pocket so he wouldn’t forget it. Such is the heart of the Jewish people. As busy as the boy was, he wouldn’t think of turning down a fellow Jew’s request for prayers.


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