Saturday, November 24, 2012

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Here’s Why

by Reb Gutman Locks on Mystical Paths


     Do you remember the story about the elementary teacher from Brooklyn who woke up after being in a coma for five days? He lost the use of both of his arms, but still, he sincerely thanks G-d every morning for waking him up.

    There were two general responses to the article. The first came from a reader who wrote:

     “I relate in a big way to Mr. Brooklyn. My left arm and hand do not yet have any function. In my case, my right arm and hand take the place of both arms, (well, that is along with my mouth and teeth when needed). I cannot fathom how he manages. Thank you very, very much for accentuating how lucky I am. If you ever communicate with him, please let him know how his picture inspired me to become even stronger and better.”

And there were those who scoffed at him saying, “The guy is brainwashed. He lost the use of both of his arms, and he is thanking G-d for that? What is he, nuts? Why should he thank G-d?”

     The answer to those who asked why he should thank G-d is pictured here. Yitzchak is from France. He came up to me the other day and asked if I would help him to put on tefillin. He was born without arms. He can tell you why you should thank G-d.

     Whenever you wonder why you should be thankful, just look around a little. You’ll see how well off you really are.



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