Monday, November 12, 2012

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Heavenly Kindness

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths


     Around 2:30 this morning, a very warm Israeli came up to me at the Kotel. I was sitting with a shtender (book stand) learning. “Learning” is the general term for studying holy books. He leaned over and asked, “Are you praying or learning?”

     I answered that I was learning. He looked a little confused. He said that he was from Beer-sheba, and that he had to leave and get back home. He wanted to know if he could daven (pray) that early. He really wanted to daven at the Kotel. I smiled. I had just read in the weekly Torah portion, “And Avraham went and lived in Beer-sheba.” Living in Israel feels like you are living in the Bible.

     I told him that it was too early to daven, although when you have to travel there is a leniency to daven early, but probably not that early. He asked, “Then what are you doing here so early?”

     I pointed up…over the Kotel.

     He looked up for a moment, and then turned back to me and asked, “What?”

     I said, “Look again, but you have to listen, too, before you can see it…and with both ears.”

     He turned back up, looked around and listened very sincerely, but after a few moments he turned back to me and asked again, “What?”

     I smiled, turned my hands so the palms were facing upward. I lifted them slightly, reaching…, gently looked up, and opened to the feeling of Kindness that blesses those hours.

     He smiled as if he understood, but did not quite get it.

     From midnight until noon, darkness recedes, and the sun becomes brighter and brighter. These are the hours when Hashem looks down upon His world with His Kindness prevailing. From noon until midnight, as the sun dims, His Judgment dominates. I love the soft, quiet hours, the hours of Kindness.

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