Sunday, November 18, 2012

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Emergency Action Required-Help!

by Reb Gutman Locks on Mystical Paths


     We are under attack. Rockets are coming in on us. We hear the sirens and run for cover. Innocent Jews are being murdered. What can we do?

You, who are reading these words, have to help!

    Here is what you must do. Every single one of us has to pick up his or her weapons and go out onto the front line. Do not delay.

     Why does G-d send us these merciless enemies? What does He want from us? Whenever an enemy attacks the Jews, we see that we come together with love and care for each other. This is what G-d wants. If we will do this first, He will not need to send this evil people against us.

     Pick up your weapons, your tefillin, your tzedakah (charity), your guests on Shabbos, your concern for your fellow Jew. Go out on the street if you have to and look for him or her to help. Give him love… even a handshake, but mostly Jewish love, Torah and mitzvahs. Increase your concern for your fellow Jew. This will put a holy shield around us.

     You have to help. Do not delay. Pick up the phone, write an email, reach out and help.

Do your share, or the evil will spread, even to your city, too. G-d forbid.


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