Tuesday, November 27, 2012

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by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

lhLashon HaRa, literally evil speech.  More practically, speaking ill about another.

We are taught that Lashon HaRa damages 3 people: the speaker, the listener, and the one who is being spoken about.  Spiritually we can understand this – ALL parties have to be hauled into the Heavenly court.  The one spoken about to judge the truth of the statements.  The one speaking to judge if they’re speaking appropriately or malgining another.  And the one listening to see if they’re accepting what’s being said and judging another.

And ANYTIME you’ll hauled into court, ALL pending accusations are on the table.

Yesterday evening an acquaintance called my wife.  The call apparently started as a discussion about troubles of a mutual friend.  But then this personal literally said, “Did you hear about the accusations about him?  They’re saying he’s a polygamist, a pedophile, he stole a large sum of money, and he’s gathering women around him in a class for inappropriate purposes.”

th2It was literally the worst dump of lashon hara I’ve ever heard of in my life!  It caught my wife unawares, it was on her before she even realized what was happening.

Even beyond the spiritual judgment of such speech, in today’s society speaking of someone this way is just EVIL.  In tight knit religious communities even more so.  How does one disprove such accusations?  This is exactly why Lashon HaRa is considered so terrible.

I actually had heard a rumor that someone was spreading rumors, and I refused to listen to it or believe it!  Oy!

One might say, if such accusations G-d forbid have any hint of truth, why aren’t you running to the police instead of whispering them in my wife’s ear?  I should further mention I know the person who was spoken about and KNOW for certain that these accusations are completely false – besides being logically contradictory.

I remain astounded that such Lashon HaRa mongering is actually real.  If you dump a feather pillow into the wind, how do you collect all the feathers back?  Hashem Yishmor.

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  1. I was riding on a bus with someone, and they began calling attention to the bus driver (male) who was wearing one of those indian haircuts and earrings and then started speaking derrogatively about the driver. I objected strongly to the remarks. The driver could have been (and probably was) Jewish. It just amazes me that some people think it's a mitzva to degrade another person for his/her strange appearance. One must be very careful as it is a 'greater' aveira to do so in Eretz Yisrael. One is judged more harshly here than in chu"l.
    Even if someone appears weird, one must consider them still on the road to doing better. Let HaShem do the judging.


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