Monday, October 22, 2012

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You Put What Where???

Times are tough.  It’s unfortunate but not a surprise that the Jewish religious communities adjusted to good times by building many large charity organizations that did tons of good in helping people in need (even in good times there’s people hurting, and even in bad times people who are successful).

With a good donation stream, it was easy for such organizations to increase advertising (for donations), build up staff for mailing campaigns, put out pushke’s (charity boxes), etc.  One of the things such organizations did was build up an inventory of public charity boxes.  Public charity boxes are medium to large steel locked boxes, ostensibly for collecting money or actual canned food items.

But times aren’t good right now.  Donation streams have slowed down while the people in need of charity have significantly increased.  More must be done with less, more must be helped with less, and many a charity is stretched to the breaking point.  (Hashem Ya’azor, G-d should help!)

But one wonders, what to do with an inventory of expensive steel public charity boxes?  Wonder no more…

Spotted in a local cemetery… Food Drop public charity box… (because I often bring canned goods with me when stopped by the cemetery.)

2012-09-10 Charity_Cemetary 004

Elsewhere in the same cemetery (I’ve noticed no public charity box ever sits alone)… Bolted to the gate (????) to make sure no one (of the residents?) leaves without donating…

2012-09-10 Charity_Cemetary 001

Now this FOOD DROP box is placed directly in front of a local Pizza Shop (not nearby any type of grocery store)!  I’m not sure you could get a fresh hot pizza to fit, but maybe if you folded the box?

2012-09-10 Charity_Cemetary 007

Giving charity is a wonderful thing, and all of us are OBLIGATED to help those in need.  But I’m wondering if these are signs of desperation, or just excess inventory working as advertisements?


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