Friday, October 05, 2012


While You Were Debating

by Reb Akiva with input from Dov bar Leib at Mystical Paths

th (2)While the world is focused on the U.S. presidential debates and election (#1 viewed show in…China!), other “less important” events are barely making the headlines.  Here’s some worth attention…

1. On Yom Kippur, the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, gave a speech at the United Nations consisting of a semi-coherent religious-mystical rant declaring the Zionist Regime, the Western Democracies and the Capitalists as the source of all evil in the world.  But not to worry, his god and his messiah is coming to clean it all up.  (Full text link.)  Not to worry his messiah will bring the xian messiah along as a bowling buddy (he says so!).

2. The Syrian Civil War was resulting in 1000 dead per month until Tisha B'Av. After Tisha B'Av 5000 people have been killed per month.  Note any discussions of Western action have fallen away (the U.S. election is the focus) even while reports of chemical weapons on the move and increasing Iranian presence.  Even the Russians have begun to evacuate their people and bases (source link).

3. In the biggest ignored related news item, a Syrian attack crossed the Turkish border and killed (at least 5) civilians in Turkey.  The Turkish response has been massive and swift… returning fire directly at Syrian military bases near the border as well as running a sweeping artillary bombardment to create a 10 mile buffer zone (news link).  (Note when Israel did something like this in Lebanon and Gaza, immediate massive world condemnation… here, crickets.) The Turks also got a NATO backing statement (the incident qualifies as a foreign attack on a NATO member). 

Here’s the point.  Several trigger incidents are in place, each of which by itself could precipitate a regional or world war and further align nicely with various prophecies (Zohar VaYeira 119. "There will be a major war in the North in which two kings will perish.")

a. Turkey – Syria.  Turkey is primed to react, Syria continues in it’s civil war with increasing Iranian presence (and the Iranians have their own goals). 

b. Iran/Hizbollah/Hamas – Israel.  The proxy war scenario is not new but remains primed and could provide a good distraction from Iran’s perspective.

c. U.S. – Iran.  The U.S. now has 3 battlegroups in place to protect Arab oil suppliers to the West.  This is a hair trigger situation with Iran threatening almost every day.

d. Israel – Iran and nukes.  How and when will Israel react to Iranian nuclear progress, as well as Western sanctions now causing hyper-inflation in Iran [news link], which may cause Iran to react sooner and/or target it’s actions against the U.S. or the E.U.

Ignore the politicians, note the events.


  1. And the American who opened fire in the dining room of a hotel in the southern Israeli resort of Eilat on Friday

    And After Friday prayers in the mosques of Temple Mount, hundreds of Muslims began hurling rocks at Jewish worshippers beneath the mount who were visiting and praying at the Kotel (Western Wall) for the Succot festival

    and A brigade of the Free Syrian Army has given the Syrian regime 48 hours to release opposition detainees and stop the shelling of civilians before it begins executing a number of Iranian hostages accused of helping the President Bashar al-Assad’s forces

    and The Iranian cameraman has given US intelligence the most complete and updated footage it has ever obtained of the interiors of Iran’s top secret military facilities and various nuclear installations, including some never revealed to nuclear watchdog inspectors. Among them are exclusive interior shots of the Natanz nuclear complex, the Fordo underground enrichment plant, the Parchin military complex and the small Amir-Abad research reactor in Tehran.
    Some of the film depicts Revolutionary Guards and military industry chiefs explaining in detail to the president or supreme leader the working of secret equipment on view. Golkhanban recorded their voices.

    May we all be Zocheh to a Good Kavital


  3. People are rtuly looking the other way. On so many fronts it is truly frustrating and coming at such rapidity that it's like "playing" dodgeball.....but with fire

  4. The problem is that most of the time the 'events' are relayed to us through tainted media who might not be tellings us everything or adding its own explanation.

  5. There are now over 30,000 dead in the Syrian War. And those 48 Iranians are still being held by the Syrian rebels, and get this, the Turks are trying to help release them. In this Monopoly game of allies of convenience, I thought that the Turks were the allies of the people holding the 48 Iranians. Go figure. Yet, their fate has totally disappeared from the news. I guess if the Turks are pressuring the Free Syrian Al Qaedanicks to release the Persians, someone is pressuring the Turks not to allow this war to explode into a world war before the American elections. Otherwise this oddball story makes no sense. I am still trying to figure out which two kings/strongmen/Presidents will fall in accordance with the Zohar VaYeira 119.

  6. I forgot to say for those in Israel, Shavua tov. It is never too early to start cooking for Shabbat Bereishit. I know that you are all thinking about more food. For those outside of Israel, you should not be reading this until Tuesday night.


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