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Wanted: One Good Wife

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     This very nice young man was born and raised in Germany. A couple of years ago he moved to Hong Kong. He has been in Israel for the past month hoping to find a wife. I told him, “Don’t look for her in a bar.”

   He answered, “Why not? I am very liberal about these things.”

    I tried to explain that the girl he chooses to marry has to be more than a great girlfriend; she also has to be a good mother to his children. “Your kids are not only going to look a lot like her, but they are also going to act a lot like her.”

    He could not see that far. He couldn’t get past her body and her smile.

    I tried again, “There are plenty of things that we love for a while, but then a few weeks later we do not want to even be by them. You have to have your intellect decide who to love.”

     He walked away thinking that I was really an old-fashioned, old man, who had no clue as to what real life was all about.

    “…and you will not follow after you heart and after you eyes by which you go astray…”[i]

[i] Shema

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  1. "A lady who does not go to bars": do you expect such a lady to marry a non religious man? He may not be observant but he came to Israel to search for a jewish spouse. Had he followed his intellect, he might be, G-d forbid, already married to a wonderful, reliable, modest nonjew who does not go to bars.


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