Sunday, October 21, 2012


Modern Cut ture

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

Althouse: “What has happened to the beautiful people?  Did some disease just strike Hollywood? Seriously, they look ill or corrupt or desolate.

Are they all somehow dying? Is this the return of "heroin chic"?

(Heroin Chic - was a look popularized in mid-1990s fashion and characterized by pale skin, dark circles underneath the eyes and angular bone structure. The look, characterized by emaciated features and androgyny, was a reaction against the "healthy" and vibrant look and reflected the appearance of “high class” heroin addicts.  The trend eventually faded, in part due to the drug-related death due to a heroin overdose of prominent fashion photographer driving the trend.)

Did the picture-of-health go out of style? What's happening?



  1. We live in a culture where the dog has returned to its vomit. This American election is so so close. If times were normal (after Benghazi and various other Obamanations), Romney would be leaving Obama in the dust. Yet, even according to more conservative Rasmussen and Real Clear Politics polls, Obama is slightly leading in most important toss up states. If he wins in either Ohio or Florida, he wins. If Romney wins in both Ohio and Florida, he still needs a boatload of other states to win. So times are not normal. As a matter of fact, I have not seen Mankind as a species so low in my lifetime. And even in the 1930s when dark evil shadows overtook Europe, Father Coughlin even during the Great Depression never garnered more than fifteen or 20% support in the United States. If he had garnered more support, then the political party that he founded in 1936 would have garnered more votes. The vast majority of Americans in the 30s could smell an evil man and opted to distance themselves from him. Yes, 20% can be noisy, but they can't win in a Republic. Now the situation is vastly different. Obama is an overwhelmingly evil man. He started his political career in Chicago fundraising in the home of a well known domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers. And now he abandons his Ambassador in Libya to the Muslim "mob" who murdered him and three others and then performed unbelievable acts of sexual cruelty on him, all on 9/11. And rather take the mantle in a war against pure evil, for two weeks he blames a video which skewers the Prophet Muhammad. In a world of evil run amok, Obama blames an American exercising his American constitutional rights. He even arrests him and posts what amounts to a Google map to his American home online. So in the war against evil, Obama sides with the barbarians who are at the gates. And he is tied for re-election to the Presidency?? The dog has returned to its vomit, and half of the American public (including most American Jews) seems to find the vomit pleasant to drink. Tell me does the Satmar Rebbe still support Obama for re-election? No, I don't recognize this world at all. In order to understand how evil it is right now, we might have to go back to a time when a foolish 480 old man started to build an Ark.

  2. Zogby states otherwise, Romney up by 6 points.

    Checkout this news feature.

  3. Dov, look at our own country, a gov't that does not care for people, businesses dealing with the enemy (look at HOT), people's behavior on the street, the rudeness, the arrogance, why would you expect America to be different when our own house barely has a flickering light. We do so much that God hates, why do we expect good. Sadder yet, we shun those wanting a change for the better. A truly ill people.

  4. Shiloh: Actually not. Zogby's latest even shows Obamanation with a slight lead.

    This is the latest poll taking into account last week's Town Hall debate and Candy Crowley's rude and ridiculous interruption.

    On the other issue, yes people here treat each other like garbage. Depending on who it is on a good day they may even pretend to build a housing project for people they throw out of their G-d given home.

    On the other hand to live as a Jew in America and to live a life as if they are disconnected from Eretz Yisrael, that they can somehow be immune from the inmates running our little asylum here is also a great evil too. To be honest, if Obama does win (and his odds of winning right now slightly exceed 50%), they might not see a penny of that vaulted 401K. Then they may actually consider that they should have financed that closed circuit tv camera at the Kotel over 7 years ago so that we could all daven together five days before the Geirush for Gush Katif to beseech HaShem's Mercy. It was at least as important as paying for a closed circuit tv camera to pasul my Eidut if I am carrying a Smartphone or an IPhone under the Chuppah at a wedding in Monsey, NY.

  5. Dov, sorry, it was Gallup. Dont know why I had Zogby on the head.Gallup are the only ones suggesting Romney is in the lead. They have also been accurate in predicting the outcome in all but 3 presidential elections. I don't hold my breath.
    With the prospect of a war with Iran or worse yet, the Obama brings them under his umbrella, we here, and Jews throughout the world will be in a tough spot to say it mildly. If the war takes place, the American economy and fragile world economies will take a hit worse then 2008. This time it will be crystal clear to the world, cause=Jews. Then what?

    I know the Gush Katif tradgedy still plays on your mind strongly. What about the common decency of today, the midot on the street, in the bank, grocery store, bus etc? What will it take to change where Jews act as a whole with decency to where one can stomach taking a trip to the store? What about bringing a smile to someones face with a greeting. The list is huge, you said you see facts on the ground, maybe where you are, and frankly when I was in Tel Aviv not so long ago I could see the social difference then that in the "Holy" city of Jerusalem where the behavior is not so 'Holy'.


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