Tuesday, October 09, 2012

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Hyper Chaos

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

I was recently sent a video called “Hyper Revolution” (intentionally not linked), showing the power and impact of the Internet on society by focusing on the role of the Internet in the Arab Spring.  I was asked what I thought and to share it.  Here was my reply…

Given your focus on the Arab Spring events, which have subsequently ended with mass bloodshed (Syria), replacement of dictators by Islamofacist dictators (Egypt) or chaos (Yemen, Libya), and that your presentation naturally avoids those countries where the Internet Uprisings resulted in the resisting populace being either imprisoned or killed (Iran, Bahrain), I think it's a bit off target to focus solely on those events as primary examples of the societal benefits of the Internet.

Your examples may actually demonstrate the opposite... the Internet acting as a mass instant communication facility driving emotional coordination without organization or planning.  Great for a flash mob or driving the masses to overthrow a government, but not so good (understatement) for creating, building a foundation, laying out operating principles or a thought out or planned approach.

The Arab Spring Insta-Revolutions primary failing may turn out to be the Internet, as it allowed implementation without planning, response without preparation, and instigation by reactionaries instead of planners.  The result has been either chaos or power grabs by niche power brokers…which bodes very poorly for the general populace of those countries…and the world.

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  1. please go here
    The Project
    scroll down and watch this important documentary.
    i wrote and commented about this "plan" and that all the Arab uprisings are planned and coordinated behind the scenes.
    Even the Sharia infiltration into American law and business.


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