Wednesday, October 10, 2012

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Harmony, Victory, Glory, Balance and Connection

by Reb Aharon Rubin on Mystical Paths

The purpose of creation was so that G-d could give of Himself.

G-d, the Ultimate Source of all Goodness, wishes to do the Ultimate Good. Since He is the Ultimate Good, that act of Ultimate Goodness is to share Himself, thus bestowing His Prime Goodness; to do that, He withdrew, as it were, or hid His Presence and created man with free-will and the intelligence and wherewithal to find Him.

After humanity and the world had fallen with the sin of Odom, Avrohom, Yitschok and Yaakov were the first to truly seek, find and attach themselves to G-d, to become the ‘man’ that G-d could delight in and bestow His Presence on them. Because of them, G-d chose in their descendants to be the nation within the sea of humanity to bring His Presence into the world, to reveal It within the physical, to complete G-d’s purpose and Will and enable Him to Grant His Unity to His Children. With the acceptance of the Torah, they proved themselves to be the true descendants of Avrohom, Yitschok and Yaakov.

On Rosh HaShonnoh we proclaimed the Creator, our King. We brought His presence closer. We blew the sound of redemption. We brought closer the correction of the world and the ushering in of His Revelation to all humanity.

On Yom Kippur each of us personally became cleansed; we entered a spiritual washing machine, we clove to G-d like a child running back to a mother’s open embrace, hugging, crying, pleading, while the mother presses the child close to her bosom. And as we pressed ourselves close to G-d, G-d wrote our names on His Heart, as it were, sealing us to Himself, everlasting life.

On Succot G-d says, you have come so close to Me, stay with Me, sit with Me, bask in My Presence, become One with Me; here is a Mitsvoh [Sukkoh] that gives you a taste of Olom Haboh, the world hereafter. And here is a Mitsvoh [the four species] that represents Myself in this world.

You know that My goal is the complete revelation of My Presence to the entire world, למען דעת כל עמי הארץ כי ד' הוא האלקים אין עוד – that all nations will recognise and know that G-d is the Prime Force, there is nothing else. You, My children, are always My Prime Thought. Everything I do in the world is because of you and I guide everything towards the time when all nations will declare the G-d of Israel is King and rules over all and there is none like His people Israel. The revelation of My Glory will come about through you, My beloved Children.

During the holiday of Succot G-d says to take the four species in our hands. The four made up of seven[1] represent My seven lights[2] that are hidden within My Four-lettered Name through which I continually renew and guide the world[3]. Take these lights and become one with Me. The six directions around you are the six main ways that I connect with the world and draw it closer to that Revelation of My Everlasting Kindness and Glory. The seventh point is you, my children, whom I have chosen to be the catalyst for that revelation. You are thus always on My Heart.

So as you are one with Me, and guide these seven lights from the six directions, all towards the seventh [the heart], so I am doing: drawing down Supernal Lights of Everlasting Love from the point that transcends creation from which I renew creation, drawing those lights down arousing My Love to connect with the world through each of My six attributes[4], and building the structure that will be speedily revealed, the revelation of My Kingdom on earth.

כן יהי רצון

[1] Three haddassim [myrtle branches], two arovos [willow branches], one lulov [palm branch] and one esrog [citron].

[2] These are essentially the five words אור [light] mentioned in Bereishis. Thus לולב אתרוג הדס ערבה עהאוה"כ גימ' ה' פעמים אור and ד' הוא האלקים בשמים ממעל ועל הארץ מתחת אין עוד עה"א גימ' שמע ישראל ד' א' ד' אחד וה' פעמים אור

[3] לולב אתרוג הדס ערבה בסוכה עה"כ גימ' שמע ישראל ד' א' ד' אחד

[4] Love, Constraint, Harmony, Victory, Glory, Balance and Connection.


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