Monday, October 29, 2012


Government Emergency Window Dressing

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

As I write this, the Northeast United States is hunkered down against Hurricane / Superstorm Sandy.  Naturally, and particularly in an election cycle, the government officials wish to be seen and be seen being effective.

To do so they presented this picture (with associated video clip):


FEMA – Federal Emergency Management Agency, check.

People – Officials of some sort (who require name plates to know each other), check.

President – Looking important, check.

*** Now I’ve been to many an important business meeting, and even some government meetings.  They are loaded with projectors and presentations, computers and everyone checking their iPhone’s.  It may be true the most important people don’t have that, but they’ll have an assistant nearby with it. 

So let’s see how, in this day and age, our government officials are prepared to capture and look up information, and quickly communicate emergency decisions…


Paper, check.

Pen, check.

Microphone, check.  ???

Reporters, check.  ???

Laptops – none.

Pads – none.

Smartphones – none.

…………………..CONFIDENCE… none.


  1. Shekoacho Ugvoruso Malay Olam

    Very interesting image rendered on the weather mape, no? It looks like a question mark. As if the One above Hashem Yisboruch is asking us loudly - SO what are “you” going to do now? It’s obvious to anyone on the spiritual wavelength that the Holy One, blessed be He, Hashem our creator is going all out to get people’s attention with this storm.

    But, while they recognize the uniqueness of this situation, they still refuse to see in it Yad Hashem - the hand of Hashem. This should be a reminder of the Dor Hamabul. We live in a corrupt society and Hashem is telling us to do Teshuva. If not I can destroy parts of the world again. Some conspiracy web sites are even claiming “Superstorm Sandy” is man-made, a manifestation of weather wars that was created as a weapon to upset the elections or as an excuse to begin filling up FEMA camps Chas VeSholom.

    Among all the preparation lists being handed around, I have yet to see one that included an admonition to pray to Hashem to say Tehilim to improve our Tznius give Tzedokah and no Loshon Hora. It’s up to us - the Jews - the servants of God - to proclaim His Mastery over all that He has created and continues to create at every moment. Please don’t make lite of this post, we have to wake up Moshiach is at our doorstep waiting for us to do Teshuva so he can do his job.

    It’s not to late yet. Do yourself a favor & hit the road out of the USA & into Israel before you head into the future COMMUNISM of America that’s where we are heading to. It’s not a joke. Please Google “the new world order” then google “FEMA camps” get educated you’ll be shocked and hopefully understand what’s happening “to us” here in the (US) Golden Medinah. Time IS running out for us.

    No Rav/Rebbeh will tell you to run from US, use your brains, same thing happened in Nazi Germany, the Rabonim where thinking about their future, the Rabonim with nice incomes were afraid to loose it. Time to think how to save yourself and your family, no matter what, it will always be better and safer in Eretz Yisroel, even though it won’t be easy street any place in the world, but here in the USA we clearly see the handwriting openly, understand that there is very little time left for us to save our future.

    The way things have been going, one day we’ll wake up and be stuck here C”V the doors are going to be locked, SHUT DOWN FOR EVER don’t wait for the last moment look and see what happened in Sedom. I beg you to get hold of you friends parents in-laws wife and kids etc. and explain that the US is coming to an END

    Open your eyes & watch on a weekly basis as you get watched more & more & all rights & freedoms are removed from all of US in the USA. i.e. see what’s doing with Rabashkin, the US is about to become a full dictatorship like what communist Russia was combined with the “kindness” of Nazi Germany C”V, what’s with the FEMA camps that the US government built throughout America? With the gas chambers and trains etc. NOW we have to do Teshuva must beg Hashem for the Geulah, very hard time are approaching our way C”Vץ lets have lots of Achudas do Teshuva to be Zocha for the Geulah

  2. This storm missed the date of the Mabul by three days. But it was the most unusual storm that I have ever witnessed. Usually hurricanes north of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina quickly go up and out to the North Atlantic. This one turned in to the northeastern shore and basically merged with an existing Noreaster. It looks right now that at least 7 subway tunnels connecting Brooklyn with Lower Manhattan are flooded with corrosive salty water. Major electrical tunnels under lower Manhattan may have been flooded again with corrosive salty water. And major commuter tunnels connecting Manhattan to New Jersey are also flooded the same way. The NYSE is closed for a 2nd day. Someone tell me. If the electric wires serving the southern half of the city are immersed in corrosive salt water for over 24 hours, can the Stock Exchange open this week?? I don't know. just asking.

    Plus does anyone have a new Monopoly board? Boardwalk in Atlantic City has ceased to exist or is at least worth less than Kentucky Ave.

  3. Actually, perhaps to learn zchut, or common sense. Why would emergency service people want to put their faith in electronics. You need to charge a smartphone almost once a day, and emergency people need to work in disaster areas where infrastructure has failed. You cannot replace a dead battery in an iPhone, and even if they used a Galaxy, is the large US mobile network ready to outlast an extended power failure (over 8 hours). I think not.

    But it would seem that this is simply a photo op where a laptop is just a distraction.

  4. He Who sets the boundaries of the waters of the seas"

    Is this America's Swan Song?

    Interesting article on A7: Quoting Psalm 93: “The rivers lift up their waves, the L-rd on high is mightier than the noise of many waters, yea, than the mighty waves of the sea.”

    Much to think about.



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