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A Bit of U.S. Politics

I try to avoid posting about politics except when it affects the Jewish people or Israel.  This is not because I don’t have strong political opinions, I certainly do.  But rather I know political arguments are a great way to turn people off, and I would rather have a conversation about meaningful things such as life, G-d, and the soul than unpleasant and often dirty topics such as politicians and government.

Yet occasionally I’m struck by something so extreme or disturbing that I have an urge to RANT and RAVE and/or share.  Today, while I’m neither ranting or raving, this is something in U.S. politics and the current administration’s approach to the world that must be shared…

(from PowerLine)

- NOTE, some things mentioned below are disturbing and for mature adults only -

After the latest Libya shoe dropped — the letter of House Oversight Committee Chairman Darryl Issa to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — I felt a need to summarize events for low-information voters, starting with myself. There are so many different pieces floating around, most of which have been written about in detail, but no soup-to-nuts summary that I know of, and we’re losing the forest view among the trees. So, in roughly chronological order:

1. As terrorist/militia activity in Benghazi becomes more bold — with at least 13 security deterioration episodes documented, including several attacks on the US Consulate itself — the local mission, over a span of months, repeatedly begs the Obama Administration for better security. Requests denied.

2. In early September, US intelligence community gets specific warnings that Al Qaida and affiliates are planning attacks on US overseas missions, to coincide with the 9/11 anniversary. Nothing is done, and nothing communicated to the US missions in Libya, despite well-known al Qaeda/terrorist presence in Benghazi.

3. Mr. Obama skips his daily national security intelligence briefings during early September, right up through 9/11.

4. Al Qaeda-linked terrorists, using heavy military weapons, assaults the US Consulate in Benghazi; the ambassador flees to a safe house; the terrorists know where the safe house is, go there and murder him.  And — unreported in the US main stream media — “abuse” the Ambassador, in the local media’s quaint phrase, either before or after his death.

5. The Obama administration finds out within hours that it was an al Qaeda attack.

6. Armed with the information that the US has been attacked by an enemy declared to be at war with us, President Obama issues a statement deploring the deaths and jets off to a fundraiser in Las Vegas. He also skips the intelligence briefing the following morning.

7. For two weeks the Obama administration insists the murders were an overly exuberant protest over an obscure Internet clip, and the ambassador died of smoke inhalation after being separated from his group in a fire. They hold this line even as it becomes increasingly obvious this was a preplanned attack, and the ambassador met a much harsher fate.

8. Questioned early on over these obvious lies, the State Department says it will have no further comment because the matter is under criminal investigation, and they don’t want to interfere with a criminal investigation.

9. A criminal investigation of what now even the US administration admits was a terrorist attack? In Libya? Is there no such thing as an act of war to these people? But I digress.

10. When they’re finally exposed as flat-out lying to such an extent even the media can’t ignore it, the U.S. administration retreats, insisting its initial lies were mistakes based on bad intelligence briefings and blaming the CIA.

11. The relentless, resourceful G-Men get on the case: The FBI holds a press conference, then flies its people to Tripoli. They do not go to Benghazi, i.e., they don’t go to the “crime” scene or interview any of the witnesses to the “crime.”

12. The third line of retreat position is the State Department claim that U.S. ambassador to Libya, Ambassador Stevens wasn’t worried about security. How were they to know that there was a problem if the Ambassador did not?

13. CNN does some actual reporting, finds the ambassador’s diary lying on the floor of the burned out consulate, and lo and behold, he was very, very concerned about security. Congressman Issa separately finds out about the numerous prior requests to beef up security.

14. The U.S. administration goes all in, or rather all out, and pulls all US personnel from Benghazi. So much for even the fig leaf “criminal investigation.” But the U.S. State Department still refuses to answer questions.

Note the one thing that ties all these points together? In none of them does the U.S. Administration betray a hint of concern for United States personnel or diplomatic security. Draw your own conclusions.

If you want independent indications of the ‘abuse’ in point 4, I refer you to this Power Line post. Note the Ambassador’s pants are on backwards, and his belt is unbuckled. I can still come up with no valid rescue scenario that would cause this. But if avoiding international outrage were your goal, or you had a minimal concern for the decency of the man’s body as you hauled it away, a hasty re-dress job would be the ticket.


  1. It is way way way past the point of being appalled. It is so serious here. There is so much that is important that is being put aside (thrown out) for the sake of what Obama thinks and feels will be his automatic win.
    It is pathetic and horrible.

  2. The bigger question is with the utter incompetence and intelligence assessment of this so-called Presidential Administration, with the outright deception of this Administration to invite the Muslim Brotherhood into the White House, what are you going to do American Jew if he actually wins by hook or by crook??? He has a lot on his plate after his victory lap on November 7th. One of the first Executive Orders of this lowlife's 2nd term will be to make the defamation of Muhammad a punishable criminal offense. This Bozo will have all the flexibility that he wants to engage unilaterally in one type of obscenity after another. The Congress will be peripheral, now that he has mastered the use of Executive Orders to bypass Congress. Now with a World War at our doorstep in Syria and Turkey between NATO, Russia, Iran, and maybe China, he could secure his support by suddenly becoming a wartime President. Wartime Presidents rarely lose elections. And Chicago gangsters running for office who can raise voters from the dead, rarely lose elections too. He is already limiting the absentee votes of military personnel whose home states are Ohio and Pennsylvania. This evil man has a lot of assets to hold on to his seat of power. What are you going to do American Jew to prepare for the worst?? Please do it now. Prepare now. Don't wait until November to go Uh Oh. Until next Monday, Moadim L'Simcha.

  3. Dov, what about the rain on the eve of sukkot? Does it look like we are in for a blessing?

  4. It is funny well maybe not so funny that we had only a little drizzle here in the Shomron about 2 hours into the meal. The drizzle lasted for about an hour. At no time did we have to leave our sukkah. We heard thunder, but that was basically it. Yet, I heard that there was solid rain in Har Nof for two hours. So you figure it out.

  5. Same here, which did not alter our stay in the sukkah, we are in a different area of Jerusalem where David fought Goliah. The other thing to consider is there was no rain for the sukkah if you consider the biblical calendar vs the rabbinical calendar. So maybe it's not all that bad, unless since we follow the fixed calendar maybe it's a sign from God that we need to correct even this rather easily point. Anyway, more rain on shabbat coming. Let's hope for the best for all the Jews, we have enough enemies outside, don't need to be enemies amoung ourselves, though, sadly this is appearing to be the rule more then the exception. Succot Sameach to all.


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