Thursday, September 20, 2012


Wine Starts Here

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

The Land of Israel is very very good.  It’s an amazing place that squeezes an incredibly wide variety of climates and conditions into a very small area.

Within a 30 minute ride of my home must be over 20 wineries.  Not because I live in grape country, many of the wineries and their vineyards are in widely disparate climates and grow completely different types of grapes (and offer different types of wines).  It simply seems that the Land of Israel is simply blessed to support growing grapes just about anywhere!

My wife and I stopped by the Gush Etzion Winery before Rosh Hashana, tried a few excellent wines (bringing a few bottles home for the holiday), watched them processing (their processing area is set up for tours), and took a few pictures of the grapes.

A few weeks before we attended a wedding at the Psagot Winery.  Completely different types of grapes and wine, still amazing quality (and a beautiful wedding).

The blessings in Israel just shine through.

2012-08-17 Miriam Akiva 014

2012-08-17 Miriam Akiva 011

A chuppah (Jewish wedding canopy) beneath the full moon, Psagot Winery outside of Lower Migron, Shomron (West Bank), Israel.

2012-08-27 040


  1. Kosher wine has come a long way.

  2. Just imagine how they looked and tasted back in the days of the 'Miraglim'!


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