Thursday, September 13, 2012


U.S. Embassy Attacks Update–Fake Provocation?

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

U.S. news sources seem to be running behind on this one.  Further, they’re missing of almost obvious inconsistencies is…troubling.

New attack, Yemen.  The U.S. embassy in Yemen, a heavily fortified embassy, has just been overrun.  Early reports state a firefight in progress, and photos show a mob on the building (unclear if they’ve penetrated in the building).

The movie, NOT.  The supposed film, Innocence of Muslims, that is supposedly the provocation for these attacks on U.S. embassies in the Arab world, upon some investigative research seems NEITHER to be an actual film NOR created by an Israeli-American or funded by Jewish donors.

Dave from IsraellyCool spotted (ahead of the MSM by half a day), the supposed producer interviewed by the Wall Street Journal DOES NOT EXIST. 

Worth further mention is no proof of any existence of the movie beyond the 14 minutes release on Youtube, and production quality so laughably low it’s impossible any real money (the story quotes “$5 million”) was spent.

By the Jews, NOT.  Again, the initial interview quotes state a movie by an Israeli-American real estate developer.  Research quickly found no Israeli citizen by that name, nor any registered U.S. real estate developer by that name.  Some of the people involved who were interviewed stated the producer was clearly NOT Israeli or Jewish, and reviews of the producer’s interview indicate a strong Arabic accent. This is a blood libel, blaming the Jews, plain and simple.

Attack (and murder) of the U.S. Ambassador to Libya, PLANNED.  Direct interviews of nearby witnesses stated that local security forces were withdrawn from the area on that day, whereas on all previous days they presented a heavy presence and checkpoints in the area.  The attackers, described as a group of at least 80 men, arrived armed with heavy weapons – the type used for military assaults.  They entered the building and immediately assaulted the “secure room”, the maximum security retreat location in the building – they knew the layout.  This was not some outpouring of religious indignation, this was a planned assault on a U.S. embassy.

What’s really going on?  Through the smoke and confusion, it’s hard to say.  A guess is the movie itself is a plant, funded by a Middle Eastern group (or nation or terrorist organization) to use as cover and generate mobs for a set of assaults on United States diplomatic outposts and associated sites in the Middle East.  The fact these events started on 9/11 is no coincidence.


  1. Actually US authorities think that the producer was a Coptic Xtian named
    Nakoula Basseley Nakoula. First name and last name are the same, but notice the middle name is very similar to Bacile. This is easily found on the Internet. I have no idea if this is being reported in the MSM. Whether he simply produced a trailer or a full fledged movie is unknown at this time. The trailer was uploaded to Youtube on July 2nd, just in time for the rioting on September 11th. Hmm.

  2. This could be the 'next' stage in their plan to overtake Israel and America on their way to the Caliphate! Just like the first round of uprisings, they needed an instigator (self-immolator or cartoon, or video) to propel them into a crazy frenzy. It won't stop here. Another mission like the removal of the nuclear 'entity' in Syria quieted the ME for a while. We need one soon!

  3. Neshama: There are so many fires to put out that no one country or human can do it all. The "fire department" is now overloaded. Rav Lazer told me that his mekubal friend told him that the Arab world would go nuts and start killing each other in large numbers before he died. This would of course be the best solution. The whole idea of Jihad is to take all of their collective hate toward each other and to externalize it against the infidel. So to watch that deteriorate would be a great blessing, as we are seeing it in Syria. 26,000 dead Syrians sadly is a blessing for us.

    I should also point out that the Obama appointed Ambassador to Egypt (Anne Patterson) issued an order that Marines defending the Embassy in a hostile environment could not carry ammunition. All we are missing in this decree is the voice of Rod Serling telling us that we have just entered the Twilight Zone. So why didn't the Marines shoot when the rioters barged onto the Embassy grounds? They had no ammo. Man oh Man. Will this be reported in the MSM? likely not. What kind of evil mind does not have the judgement to let the Marines be fully armed when the Muslim Brotherhood came to power?? The depth of evil by people in this Administration boggles the mind. He makes Carter look like Winston Churchill. And that is saying something.


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