Wednesday, September 12, 2012


U.S. Embassies Under Muslim Attack???

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths


What the heck???

The U.S. ambassador and/or up to 4 U.S. diplomatic personnel have been killed in Libya.  The U.S. embassy in Egypt has been attacked by a mob (the diplomatic personnel were evacuated prior) and defaced.

What’s going on?  You’re going to love this one…

An “Israeli-American real estate developer” raised money from “American Jewish donors” to produce a film about the “hypocrisies of Islam” in California.

14 minutes of the film were released in July on Youtube, and just recently close captioned in Arabic. 

Besides being low production quality and ridiculous in approach, the film is culturally and religiously insulting in a satirical but disgusting fashion.  And the Islamic approach to someone insulting their religion is to demonstrate it’s peacefulness by killing those doing the insulting (and often killing some of themselves in the process of riots and so forth).

The U.S. response to the attacks on their embassies has been to… wait for it… APOLOGIZE. “The U.S. embassy in Cairo put out the following statement early Tuesday:  “The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims – as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions. [source]”

After a harsh political response in the U.S. (during US election season), the White House quickly repudiated the diplomatic statement by the U.S. Embassy to Egypt, announcing to a News Blog (NOT via diplomatic channels, NOT via the State Department, and NOT via the U.S. Embassy in Egypt) “The statement by Embassy Cairo was not cleared by Washington and does not reflect the views of the United States government”.  NOT REPUDIATED.

The U.S. is presenting a position of NOT defending it’s embassies in supposedly allied nations and repudiating the free speech rights of American citizens.

Nothing to worry about here.  Move along.

I’m of mixed feelings about the Jewish involvement.  If Jewish American’s want to express themselves, why can’t they?  On the other hand, sticking your head up in the middle of a global culture war draws fire to the whole community.  Fire the whole community may not be prepared to deal with.

Hashem Ya’azor, protect us against our own stupidity!

UPDATE – I missed the point that these attacks were on 9/11. (Yesterday.)  I also missed that NO AMERICAN news media picked them up until Israeli YNet reported it!


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  2. While I agree that the bits of the film shown are in bad taste (though the historicial parts are straight from the koran and other islamic texts), this incident was planned for 2 months by muslims as a way of celebrating 9/11, even Arab security agencies knew in advance and did nothing.

    Regarding Jewish Critics of islam, the question is where are the brave Jewish leaders who counter islam in the same way that anti-missionary groups / orgs read up on the NT and other Xian texts to highlight the falseness of Xianity?

    Where is our modern day Ibn Kammuna and Rambam (i.e. Iggeret Teiman - where he called the islamic prophet a madman) or the Jewish version of Zakaria Botros, who is like a islamic critical version of Tovia Singer?

  3. Unbelievable, the US will not defend its embassies against attack, but the embassy apologizes to Islam, and the President does not have a word in defense of embassy personnel overseas (who may or may not have apologized). All his senior officials can say is that the statement from the embassy does not represent the POTUS's view. Neither POTUS Obamanation nor his spokesman have simply condemned the attack on their embassy. We are dealing with pure evil here. The man from the mouth of H-ll (albeit that his soul is a Creation of G-d), is running amok in America, and he will still likely win especially if he raises some voters in Cleveland and Philadelphia from the dead. The community organizer is also a mortician with Chicago credentials. meant to be folks. The 11th horn dude is amongst us for a reason.

  4. G-d forbid. We have a lot of serious davening to do in a few days!

  5. The movie is disgusting. According to some media reports the supposed producer is an Israeli and funding came from about a hundred of supposed jews. It's a blood libel.

  6. Anon and everyone else, did you see this?


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