Saturday, September 15, 2012

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The Kotel–Inside the Men’s Area

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

In the Western Wall plaza, the Western Wall or Kotel (sometimes translated as Wailing Wall) being the outer wall and sole remaining piece of the ancient Jewish Temple, the men’s side has a covered area by the left side.

In the past years, the back part of this area has been cleared out and opened up a bit more.

Passing through a low arch, there’s a major seforim (Jewish holy book) area…  Notice the plexiglass panel in the floor, that’s for viewing the ongoing underground excavations.

2011-01-21 Kotel - Tatti Devorah 001

Stepping into the area and looking left, we see what appears to be a staircase, currently blocked off…  I’m not certain how it connects, but it may be the tunnel tours passes by there, or that’s now used as part of a new path to a women’s balcony that’s now in the back of the Kotel men’s area (accessible via the tunnel tour entrance).

2011-01-21 Kotel - Tatti Devorah 003

Looking right in the same room, we see another room which has been set up as a aron area, a sefer Torah and/or Tanach scroll storage area…

2011-01-21 Kotel - Tatti Devorah 002

Looking out of the room, we’re towards the Kotel within the covered area…

2011-01-21 Kotel - Tatti Devorah 004


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