Friday, September 14, 2012

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Shana Tova uMetuka!

PomegranateIt’s the Shabbos before Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year.

In Judaism, the New Year is not a moment of partying.  It’s a time of reflection of the year past, consideration of how to improve ourselves in the year to come, Yom HaDin – judgment day before G-d, and the day when we proclaim Hashem’s kingship (as the King of kings) over us.

We come to this day with trepidation.  Will we be judged for good and merit blessings showered into our lives, or G-d forbid otherwise? 

We also come to this day with awe, as we have a role which no other can perform – to proclaim G-d’s kingship over us and the world, and in doing so making Him king by giving Him a people and kingdom, an awesome responsibility.

So we wish each other the most wonderful of blessings, a Shana Tova uMetuka, a good and sweet year, and a Ksiva vChasima Tova, that we should be written into the book of life (and goodness, and blessing, and health, and an honorable livelihood, and children, and success), that our Father our King should recognize our blessings and fulfill them.

And Hashem should recognize our merits, with which we are filled as a pomegranate is filled with seeds, and judge us as a father to His children – overlooking our lapses and failings with love and focusing upon our merits.  As we must do with each other! 

Our wishes to all our readers for a good and sweet year, filled with blessings for everyone and their families!

And may we merit the ultimate blessing, the geulah shalayma (the complete redemption) and the coming of Moshiach tzidkaynu (the righteous redeemer) – bringing a world of only good and peace.


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