Monday, September 24, 2012


Please Forgive Us

th (1)Mystical Paths is a personal effort of a small group of incredibly dedicated individuals.  It is not a commercial venture (and it’s certainly not physically profitable.)  As such we have neither editors or proofreaders, nor legal advisors to chart the sometimes bewildering aspects of the sea of new media.

- For errors in articles, poor writing or being the opposite of inspiring, please forgive us.

- For snag, snark and sarcasm, please forgive us.

- For inappropriate copying, lack of attribution or lack of linking, please forgive us.

- For improper tone or approach to certain topics, please forgive us.

- For inaccurate information, poor analysis or lack of understanding, please forgive us.

- For overly aggressive comment filtering and insufficient comment filtering, please forgive us.

- For ignoring emails from readers, suggestions and linkbacks, please forgive us.

- For any article or unfiltered comment that hurt anyone, please forgive us.

---for all these and more, please forgive us and pardon us for both unintentional and intentional mistakes and errors over the past year (and years).

May Hashem grant you and your family complete forgiveness and pardon this Yom Kippur, and write you, your family and all of Klal Yisroel in the book of life, health, and prosperity this year.  And may He grant all of us the coming of Moshiach tzidkaynu, mamosh, NOW.


  1. You are required by halacha to locate the people you insult (and blog about proudly how you "got away with it") and apologize to them. I can't forgive you in their name.

  2. Forgiven. May we reach geulah together.


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