Wednesday, September 19, 2012

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Having been religiously insulted by this French Magazine on Rosh Hashana, though I don’t speak French nor did I see this until today and it was published last week, I am asking for all Jews who care about their heritage to rise up, march to the nearest (kosher) bakery and burn all the croissant’s to be found!

If one cannot find croissants in one’s area, one can march against any (kosher) restaurant serving crepes!  If one can find neither, assaulting any location with belgian waffles will do in a pinch!

Beware the wrath of the Jew, oh French sarcastic writer!  We will assault your breakfast food and force you to start the day with a bagel!

DeBreakfast those who would insult Judaism!!!

(h/t Elder of Ziyon(for those of our readers and security forces known to check this blog for whom English is not their mother tongue, this article is sarcasm and parody – no actual intent or instruction towards violent action is intended.)

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  1. And if "they" check the comments section, the only thing about that picture that was insulting, was the grotesque image of a supposed Jew. Nothing else is recognizable.


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