Thursday, September 20, 2012


Fouling the Land

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

Strip mining the West Bank…


But a satellite photo gives no perspective on what’s going on…

2012-08-28 014a

For a feel for the scope, take a look in the middle left of this picture, the black square is a full size 18-wheeler dump truck…

2012-08-28 013a

2012-08-28 013a

Literally cut right up to the neighborhood street…

2012-08-28 015a

That’s ok, here’s reclamation for you… just dump the city garbage right over the edge into the quarry!  (Again, for scope, on the top left of the picture on the bottom of the street are two buses.)

2012-08-28 039a

We love G-d’s gift, the Land of Israel, and the Jewish people have spent the last 140 years or so reclaiming, recovering, rebuilding, reforesting and reviving the Land of Israel.  And they….


  1. We need to claim it all from the unsurpers of history.

  2. Who's doing this? Why are they doing this?
    Please give some details.

  3. This is within Palestinian Authority controlled territory within the Ramallah district. It's a Palestinian "project". Israel has no say, influence or impact on the matter.

  4. But we are told that the Arabs are so in touch with the land...

  5. Being a resident of this area (and seeing the view every day from my merpeset) I can add that the residents of the lowest street in my community- the one closest to this quarry- have a disproportionate number of respiratory illnesses from all the dust in the air.


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