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Did You Serve?

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     When I asked this seventeen-year-old Israeli to put on tefillin, he refused.

     I asked again. With a stern look he said, “Did you serve? When you serve, Ill put on tefillin.” He was asking me if I went into the army.

     “Hayiti,Chabibi, Hayiti!” (I was, my dear friend, I was).

     In 1982 they called for volunteers for the Lebanon War. I was in California. I was on the first plane to Tel Aviv. They gave me a uniform, a rifle, and a truck to drive the generator repairman to the frontline bunkers. I went into every bunker on the Golan. I was only there for a month, but it was enough for me to be able to say that I served. I grabbed his arm, and said, “I went into the army, so you can put on tefillin!”

     While I was putting tefillin on him he asked, “Why don’t the other ‘Chareidim (ultra religious) go into the army?”

     I said, “You have to ask them.”

     He read the Shema, and prayed for his family and for our soldiers.

     Ha! Here’s one more great reason to serve in the Israeli army.


th(YNetNews)   ZAKA chairman's son joins IDF. Members of extreme Eda Haredit faction not surprised to hear son of their former operations officer, Yehuda Meshi-Zahav, has been drafted...

aaUp to a decade ago, ZAKA Chairman Yehuda Meshi-Zahav was considered the symbol of ultra-Orthodox extremism in his role as the legendary operations officer of the Eda Haredit faction.

Only recently, however, his 18-year-old son Ariel joined the Israel Defense Forces. After a strict screening procedure, the young Meshi-Zahav was assigned to the Golani infantry brigade and participated in an oath taking ceremony several weeks ago.

Yehuda Meshi-Zahav began changing his ideological perception during the Al-Aqsa Intifada in 2001 when he founded ZAKA, a network of voluntary community emergency response teams in Israel.  (ZAKA is an emergency rescue and recovery – RECOVERY of deceased remains – these are the guys that arrive after terrorist attacks and bombings and collect all the body parts for dignified burial.)

The former extremist, who was arrested dozens of times in the past for acts committed as part of his opposition to the State and its institutions, was given the honor of lighting an honorary beacon on Israel's 55th Independence Day official ceremonies in 2003.

An associate of Meshi-Zahav said he accepted his son's decision to enlist without any objection.

A senior Eda Haredit source expressed his contempt for the ZAKA chairman after learning that his son had been drafted…"He is a person who knew how to explain to everyone why Zionism is a lie, and at an older age he suddenly decided to change.”

Collecting body parts after terrorism attacks can give one a new appreciation for the efforts of the security forces and government trying to protect it’s citizens.  Kol HaKavod to R. Meshi-Zahav, and may his son stay safe and have much success as a physical defender of Klal Yisroel.


  1. What the Eida HaChareidis does is l'shem shomayim, and this post is not. Remember that the next time you eat something with a b'datz hechsher. It is close to Yom Kippur, and the message and the tone of this post could have been much different, instead of denigrating the honor of Torah scholars who are shomer Torah u'Mitzvos merely because of political positions. (Political positions which were common among all gedolim before 1948!)

  2. Collecting body parts after terrorism attacks can give one a new appreciation for the

    I would rather add something like appreciation for the the collective of Jews that is ingathering in our time and the need to participate together in this historic event. Mashiach would come faster if Haedah would become more like Chabad with public Ahavat Hinam.


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