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Calling for Moshiach Together

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The Chafetz Chaim, one of the leading tzaddikim of the generation before World War II, said: "If only thousands and millions of sincere Jews would show to Hashem how they truly desire Mashiach, he would surely come immediately."

Let's follow the advice of the Tzaddik and pray all together, giving tsedaka right before.

The moment will be: September 23, 2012 - 17:00 Israel, 8:00 Los Angeles, 11:00 New York, 10:00 Peru, 12:00 Buenos Aires, 17:00 Paris, 19:00 Moscow, 23:00 HongKong, 1:00 Sept 24 Sydney…

5 minutes where we gonna be connected and united, all Jews over the world, whatever our beliefs or affliliations!

SAME MOMENT, SAME PRAYER: this is the first time since our exile: GREAT!  We cannot miss this opportunity.  Let's just do it with confidence and happiness, with our heart. That's all we need!

Spread the word... to the World, so B'H we can be thousands or millions !

תפילת עברית
" ריבונו של עולם,
אנו בני ישראל מבקשים שמשיח צדקנו יגאל אותנו עכשיו מהגלות ברחמים, לשים סוף לכל סבל, לגלות את שמך ולהביא שלום לעולם."

English Prayer
“Master of the Universe,
We, the children of Israel, ask you for Mashiach to redeem us , now and with mercy, from exile and all suffering, to reveal your Name in the world and to bring peace.”

Prière en français
“Maître de l’Univers,
Nous les enfants d’Israël te demandons Mashiach, maintenant et avec miséricorde, afin de nous délivrer de cet exil et de nos souffrances, de révéler ton Nom dans ce monde et d’y amener la paix.”

Oración españolas
"Maestro del Universo,
Nosotros, los hijos de Israel,
Suplicamos por Mashíaj, para redimirnos ahora y con misericordia, del exilio y el sufrimiento de todo, para revelar su nombre y apellidos en el mundo y traer la paz”.

Preghiera italiana
“Ribono scell' Olam,
Noi, i figli d'Israele,
Ti preghiamo a mandarci Moshiach,
Adesso e con misericordia, per salvarci dall'esilio e da tutte le sofferenze, per manifestare il Tuo Nome in tutto il mondo, e per portarci la pace”

Phonetic (English)
“Ribono shel olam,
Anu, Benei Israel, mevakshim shemashiach tsidkenu yagel otanu achshav mehagalut berachamim, lessim sof lechol sevel, legalut et shemcha ulehaviya shalom leolam.”

Phonetic (French)
“Ribono chel Olam,
Anou, Bnei Israel, mevakchim chemachia’h tsidkenou yagel otanou akhchav mehagalout berakhamim lessim sof lekhol sevel, legalout ète chemkha oulehaviya chalom leolam.”

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  1. Nice thought. Though we have an unprecidented oppourtunity, the knowledge and the players identified by God, there are still to many of the Erev Rav Jews who want to defeat this and stand in the way. Even ones on this blog will do everything they can to ensure the geulah and the Mashiach is stopped.

    Free will though, even if you ask, the one God identifies as Mashiach still has free will. Why would he do anything based on our obnoxious behavior?

  2. Some places need to know AM or PM.

  3. I was wondering about the time also, since it's army time, 8 is probably 8am


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