Thursday, August 30, 2012

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When You Say It Right…

at the Western Wall with Reb Gutman Locks on Mystical Paths


      These Indians (from India, not Native Americans) asked me about tefillin. I explained what they are, and that G-d commanded only Jewish men to put on tefillin, but He also commanded all mankind certain things.

     “Let me ask you a question. What do they teach you in Madras? (their hometown) Is G-d in the heart of the devil?”

     It took them a while to understand the question. Then they shook their heads and said, “No! Oh, No!”

     “Then you have a little god in Madras! If your god is not in the heart of the devil he is not everywhere. The G-d of the Bible is everywhere. King David wrote, ‘If I make my bed in hell, G-d is there.’ G-d is even in hell! He is everywhere.”

     “Yes, yes,” they agreed, “G-d is everywhere.”

     I said, “This is what you came here to learn. Only worship the G-d Who is everywhere.”

     They agreed, and I went on. “There is a story about a man who was crucified 2,000 years ago. Did you ever hear that story?”

   “Oh yes, many times.”

   “After he was crucified, they went to his grave on the third day. Was he in the grave?”

   “No, No. He was arisen.” They said with total conviction.

    “Well, if he is not in the grave, then he is not everywhere. Do not worship him.” They were caught in one of their religion’s contradictions. They looked at each other not knowing what to say. I went on, “Only worship the G-d Who is everywhere.”

     It caught them by complete surprise. Almost always at this point in the conversation, chr-istians say, ‘We gotta go,” turn, and walk away. Chr-istains are taught if they even waiver in their belief they will burn in hell forever. They cannot hear anything that challenges their beliefs. But these Indians were happy. Again, I asked them, “Where is G-d?”

     They answered, “Everywhere!”

     “Good for you.”

     They asked if they could take some pictures of us together. I said, “You can take the pictures as long as when they take the picture you say, ‘G-d is everywhere.’”

     They laughed, had a good time, and will surely remember the conversation. Will their catholic priests convince them that G-d is everywhere only sometimes or in some ways, but that their god is still god? I think that he is going to have a difficult time convincing them now.

     When you learn how to explain the spiritual truth in a positive way you can influence those around you. Instead of demeaning their god, which would only cause hard feelings, try to help them in a simple way that they can understand.

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  1. Love your blog, but one point of correction. Christians - at least a good majority - are not 'taught' they will burn in Hell if they hear anything objectionable to their belief. Further more, many do not 'worship' the man Jesus as they do not believe in a Trinity and understand he was a Jewish man, and finally, a good number do not believe in Hell. As for Catholics - well, thankfully I'm not one! Because, I think they would fall into all the categories you mention. Keep up the good work!


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