Friday, August 03, 2012


What is Wrong with these people?

/// being rant


1 – What is wrong with these people? 

In what other country do “ex-generals” or “ex-intel chiefs”, or for that matter not-ex generals and not-ex intel chiefs, SHOUT OUT their (defense / war / security) opinions in the media??? 

“Hi, we’re debating in public whether to go to war with you.  Please ignore us during our public conversation.  Not like you might need to consider defending yourself or doing things like attacking our citizens in other countries to show you can hit back.

There is NO DOUBT about the Divine blessings protecting Israel – because there is no other way it could survive with “leaders” acting like this!!!

2 – Ya think?  Just noticing now?  What is wrong with the MEDIA that it avoids the obvious in your face directly stated positions of this maniac for years…and now it just suddenly paying attention? 

How much Jewish blood does it take to wake people up to the obvious? (Don’t answer that.)

///end rant


  1. More likely misinformation to mislead.

  2. There is a reason to believe Glenn Beck when he says "DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING THE MEDIA SAYS".

    It's what they don't say, I would say, that needs monitoring.

    Twelve Weeks
    Bilaam Curses Israel

  3. PS Are you aware of "Agenda 21". Friends back in the old country must be apprised of this, and join Tea Party Members fighting against this 'one-world control'.

  4. Akiva, Israel does not have the power to do what it needs. They can only postpone the inevitable. This comes directly from someone inside involved in the op's. I am sure they are doing what they can. I have as much faith as do you, but what can we do.

    You remember the wonderful story of a rabbi who is in his home when the rains begin. He prays to God to be rescued..... the rains continue, he goes to the attic.... etc. Akiva, we are that rabbi today. I am at a loss to get us to wake up.

    Shabbat Shalom to all the blog writers.


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