Thursday, August 09, 2012


Waiting (2)


     This is the bottom of the arab shuk (market street) that leads onto the Temple Mount. The small light at the far end of the tunnel is coming from the Temple Mount. Some 20 yards beyond this entrance stands the golden dome that covers the place where, according to most opinions, the Holy of Holies stood and will stand again when the Third and Final Temple comes.

We see that the Redemption is happening now, but it is taking so long.


  1. yes but we should see Geulah @ end 5772 as it saids it the zohar 1290 to 1335 days sefer Daniel

    Also I too believe that the Zohar VaYeira 119a specifically refers to the summer of 5772 as the beginning of the Geulah b'itah. after a 60 day period after the molad for the month of Siwan when there was an alignment between the sun and 7 stars in the north (The Pleiades). So the Zohar right there has Av 5772 written all over it. But it is specifically Mashiach ben Ephraim that seems to be referred to there because in 5773 a Roman city will be hit with a massive meteorite shower when an international conference is set to commence there. It is important to remember that Yosef is Sitno shel Edom (Rome). Yet, here we are nearing the end of the month of Av, and even if the sheker in the world is making it look more stable than it really is, the sheker is doing a pretty darn good job in keeping the world going the way it is. It really is a pity that things are not falling into place more quickly. As someone else recently wrote me, we are watching a slow moving train wreck with the moment of collapse being impossible to predict

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