Wednesday, August 29, 2012

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The World’s Healthiest Countries

by Reb Gutman Locks on Mystical Paths

(Reb Akiva adds…   People often worry about Israel, whether living or visiting.  Israel is portrayed in the media as dangerous, terror ridden, or alternately backward.  The truth is Israel is a modern Western democracy and society with strong religious and moral foundations.  The life expectancy is the 3rd highest in the world, it ranks in the top 20 of the happiest places to live, and below is Israel’s ranking in the healthiest list…)

Bloomberg Rankings of the World’s Healthiest Countries

1 Singapore

2 Italy

3 Australia

4 Switzerland

5 Japan

6 Israel

7 Spain 

8 Netherlands 

9 Sweden

10 Germany

11 Cyprus

12 Austria

13 France

14 Canada

15 New Zealand

16 Greece

17 Hong Kong 

18 Norway

19 Ireland

20 Belgium

21 United Kingdom

22 Finland

23 Portugal

24 Costa Rica

25 Slovenia

26 Denmark

27 Chile

28 Cuba

29 South Korea

30 United Arab Emirates

31 Kuwait

32 Czech Republic

33 United States

34 Bosnia and Herzegovina

35 Bahrain

36 Croatia

37 Mexico

38 Albania

39 Panama

40 Poland

(Reb Akiva adds… The Israeli lifestyle is significantly higher in exercise, follows a Mediterranean style diet that’s low in saturated fats, high in vegetable intake, and low in beef intake, than most Western nations.  It may seem strange for an American to have some salad and some white spreadable cheese for breakfast, but it’s certainly healthy.)


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